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  2012 Fabens Middle School Conference Prelims
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  • Location:    Fabens High School, Fabens, TX.   
  • Date: March 31, 2012 @ 9:00 a.m..
  • Gender: Male
  • Each team is allowed  unlimited number of entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in unlimited events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Michelle Ortiz
      Phone: 915-765-2627
      Cell Phone: 915-892-6159
      Email: mortiz@fabensisd.net

    Note From Meet Director:
    The EPCAC Boy's Conference Prelims will be held at Fabens High School on March 31, 2012. Please register your male athletes in Runner Card no later than March 29, 2012 at 10:00 p.m. The scratch meeting is at 8:15 a.m. The 8th grade boys will run first while the 7th grade boys will compete in field events. Hurdles will be a combination of both grade levels. The top 8 times, distances and heights will qualify for finals. The 9th place finisher will be notified in case an opening becomes available for the final event. Pole Vault will be advance to the finals on April 2nd at Canutillo Middle School For further information please contact Daniel Lopez (dlopez@fabensisd.net - 603-1683) or Josh Ortiz (joortiz@fabensisd.net - 227-2546) Each school will need to provide one worker with an assistant to judge a field event. Event Assignments: Discus - Anthony Shot put- San Elizario Triple - Alderete Long Jump - Canutillo High Jump - Tornillo/EMMS Thank you

    team nameathparrel
    Team information not available
    event namepar
    100 meter 7th (B)24
    100 meter 8th (B)23
    110 Meter Hurdles 7th (B)22
    110 Meter Hurdles 8th (B)19
    1500 meter 7th (B)22
    1500 meter 8th (B)19
    200 meter 7th (B)26
    200 meter 8th (B)24
    200 Meter Hurdles 7th (B)19
    200 Meter Hurdles 8th (B)21
    2400 meter 7th (B)17
    2400 meter 8th (B)15
    400 meter 7th (B)26
    400 meter 8th (B)24
    800 meter 7th (B)24
    800 meter 8th (B)19
    Discus 7th (B)20
    Discus 8th (B)24
    High Jump 7th (B)19
    High Jump 8th (B)18
    Long Jump 7th (B)25
    Long Jump 8th (B)24
    Pole Vault 7th (B)9
    Pole Vault 8th (B)12
    Shot Put 7th (B)20
    Shot Put 8th (B)24
    Triple Jump 7th (B)17
    Triple Jump 8th (B)16
    4x100 7th (B)6
    4x100 8th (B)5
    4x200 7th (B)6
    4x200 8th (B)6
    4x400 7th (B)6
    4x400 8th (B)5
    par: # of participations for event
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