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RunnerCard Web Registration was designed by meet directors and coaches to provide fast and simple athlete registration.  Collecting accurate and timely registration information should not have to be a challenge.  There has been a need for a simple procedure where meet directors can create a track or cross country meet and make it available to coaches for registration.  No more struggling to read poor quality faxes, waiting for the mail, or spending countless hours typing in names.  Likewise, coaches need a simple way to register their athletes into the correct races and events of the meets.  Registration should be available up until shortly before the meet, not close weeks in advance to allow for typing of the entries.  Coaches need to be able to return to the registration site and make changes to their registration at any time at their convenience.  Finally, meet registration headaches are a thing of the past!

RunnerCard Web allows a meet director to create a meet and make it available to the coaches for their registration.  There are a number of features.
1. The meet director creates the messages to the coaches, and changes them as needed.
2. The meet director determines when to close registration.  Exporting is quick and simple, meaning the site can be left open for changes until right before the meet!
3. View the current status of registration at any time, finding out which teams have registered and how many athletes are in each event.
4. Send an e-mail message to any or all of the coaches that are registered in the meet with the click of a mouse.
5. Download the registration data into a file that is imported into the meet management software.
6. Passwords can be established for the meet and if desired, even for individual events in the meet.
7. Use seed marks or not, as you desire.
8. The races or events can be assigned to divisions, allowing for simple separation of youth, masters or other classifications.
9. Fully compatible with RunnerCard, Hy-Tek's Meet Manager and other race and meet management systems.
10. The coaches spell their own athlete's names!
11. Any registration errors belong to the coach!
12. Meets are separated between classifications (youth, high school, or collegiate), simplifying the process of selecting meets.
13. Display in the meet information area the registration information that you would like to share.  You can share any or all of the following: your events, the teams that have registered, the athletes registered into each event, and even their entry seed mark!  Pick and choose what you want to make available.

RunnerCard Web allows a coach to create his or her personal account for managing their team registration.  There are a number of features.
1. The coach establishes the username and password for his/her team.
2. Enter the team roster once and use it the whole year, for both cross country and track!  Update or edit your team information and athletes at any time.
3. Quickly view contact information for the different meets. 
4. See a meet that you might want to participate in?  View the meet information, send an e-mail message to the meet director with a click of your mouse, or look up his/her phone number.
5. Assign athletes to the different races with a click of your mouse.
6. Register by event or by athlete.
7. Manage and register your unattached athletes from your coach's account.
8. Return any time up until the meet closes to change your registration.  Add, delete or modify athlete registration easily.
9. View and print a roster of your registered athletes and their race(s) or event(s).

Try out the system!  We have created some sample accounts in a separate classification.  (Please Note: The coach account listed below can only see meets created by the meet director account listed below.)
- Log into a sample coach account to try out the options.  Add athletes, and register them into a race.  Modify your registration.  View a meet roster.  Print out the roster. 
- Log into a sample meet director account.  Create a meet.  Enter sample information.  Add events.  View registration status.  View or export the data. 
- Go back to the main page and enter the username and password.  (From, click on Registration.)


Sample Coach Account
username: coach
password: coach

Sample Meet Director Account
username: example-md
password: example

Costs are extremely reasonable.  Some services charge $250 to handle meet registration.  Our service is free to the coaches.  Our price to the meet director is only $.10 per athlete, with a $30 minimum.  For $30 you have avoided all of the data entry headaches, giving you accurate and up-to-date data!  You can have up to 300 athletes in your meet and still be at the minimum charge!  Even a meet of 1000 runners is only $100, less the minimum cost with other web reg systems .  Why pay a minimum fee of $150 or more?  Now, there is no reason to be typing.  Quit the hours of typing and use RunnerCard Web Registration for your meets!  Contact the Meet Director of the meets that you attend and invite them to use RunnerCard Web.  It will save everyone a lot of time and hassle!

What people are saying about RunnerCard Web -

"As a track and field meet manager and college coach RunnerCard is a great system.  This system allows you to post your meet information on the internet, while also eliminating the need for manual data entry.  As any meet director will tell you, this is a huge time saver.  With this task out of the way, it allows me to spend more time coaching.  At Idaho State University we run five or six meets a season, and I would not use any other system.  RunnerCard has been a tremendous help for myself and our program! "
Trenton Huntsinger
Idaho State University

"I have used RunnerCard web regsitration for the last three years and I do not know of a better situation.  The cost and ease of entry are great!  I would advise any coach hosting a meet to use RunnerCard."
Bryan Fetzer
Ball State University

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