2018 Ragnar Sunset Series Experiment
2601 Sunnyside Ave S, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Saturday 6 October, 2018 5:00 AM MDT

Event Location

This Is The Place Heritage Park
2601 Sunnyside Ave S
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Event Information

We’re looking for some hardy trail blazers and willing guinea pigs to try a possible new format—the Ragnar Sunset Experiment! Our goal: to squeeze everything you love about a Ragnar event—the challenge, the camaraderie, the costumes—into a single, sunsational evening. Will it work? You tell us. Join this experiment and you’ll help shape the future of a Ragnar event.

Expect an epic course that traverses pavement, gravel, dirt, and single track—with maybe an itsy bitsy bit of power hiking involved. Expect a Sunset Festival at the finish line. Expect to hang out with your friends and lots of friendly strangers at Ragnar Village. Expect shade, tunes, food, a race announcer, games, libations, foam rollers, temporary tattoos, and other amazing features that you get to help us figure out.* But above all, expect the unexpected. This is an experiment, after all, and results may vary.

* For real: send your thoughts, suggestions, or ideas before, during, or after the experiment to marketing@ragnarrelay.com.

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Ragnar Sunset Experiment    
This is the Place Heritage Park.
Each of 4 runners covers a 6.55 Mile loop for a total distance of 26.2 Miles!
  • Race Course Loop 6.55 mi
  • Race Course Loop 6.55 mi
  • Race Course Loop 6.55 mi
  • Race Course Loop 6.55 mi
Start Time: 3:00 PM