2011 Wasatch Back Relay
Logan - Park City
Park City, UT
June 17-18, 2011

Mixed (Hill Climb)

OverallBib  NameAgeCityStateDivisionTime

1.267  Run Baby Run 1LaytonUT1.Coed Open26:56.6
2.28  R.S.H.F.- Run Strong Have Fun 1KaysvilleUT2.Coed Open30:52.7
3.376  Wish we Were Runners 1SandyUT3.Coed Open33:05.1
4.342  HotZing 1St. GeorgeUT4.Coed Open33:14.7
5.226  Deliverin' Divas 1HighlandUT5.Coed Open33:55.1
6.1024  Landsharks 1HeberUT6.Coed Open34:11.4
7.191  Coachie And The "Freaks" III 1Stansbury ParkUT7.Coed Open35:36.3
8.699  Adrenaline Junkies 1Salt Lake CityUT8.Coed Open35:40.1
9.292  The Turbits 1MurrayUT9.Coed Open36:16.7
10.175  Wounds And Weans 1RivertonUT1.Coed Corporate36:20.4
11.314  Robbie's Relay 1ProvoUT10.Coed Open36:37.3
12.662  Charging Green Horses 1Salt Lake CityUT11.Coed Open37:02.3
13.783  L-3 Ragnar Addicts 1BountifulUT2.Coed Corporate37:07.9
14.19  Sure Steel 1MorganUT12.Coed Open37:23.1
15.612  Weber Warriors 1EdenUT1.Coed High School37:23.3
16.421  Kickin Asphalt And Breakin' Wind1West JordanUT13.Coed Open37:41.2
17.79  Better Off Dead 1South JordanUT14.Coed Open37:42.7
18.41  Collective Soles 1Salt Lake CityUT15.Coed Open37:57.2
19.468  U Ran I Am Depleted 1Woods CrossUT3.Coed Corporate37:58.1
20.454  Team Milo 1SmithfieldUT16.Coed Open37:58.7
21.5  Relay Melee 1LehiUT17.Coed Open38:18.5
22.212  Family N Friends 1OgdenUT4.Coed Corporate38:57.0
23.694  Running With The Bulls 1South JordanUT18.Coed Open39:20.9
24.611  Jack Bauer For President 1FarmingtonUT19.Coed Open39:21.2
25.313  Grove Trotters 1Pleasant GroveUT20.Coed Open39:27.3
26.477  This Fat Guy Can Move 1LaytonUT21.Coed Open39:41.0
27.645  Why Not? 1OgdenUT22.Coed Open40:01.6
28.308  Dyin' To Run 1KearnsUT23.Coed Open40:13.6
29.704  I AM Running 1Salt Lake CityUT24.Coed Open40:17.6
30.1038  Magnum PRs 11.Coed Submasters40:39.8
31.553  Steepandcheap.com 1Park CityUT25.Coed Open40:42.7
32.520  Team Jen #2 1SMithfieldUT26.Coed Open40:43.4
33.927  Cardinal Cruisers 1Soda SpringsID2.Coed High School40:43.6
34.455  Simplifile E-Recording 1Spanish ForkUT27.Coed Open40:55.5
35.888  Couples Therapy 1WashingtonUT2.Coed Submasters40:56.2
36.268  Medical Maniacs 1RivertonUT28.Coed Open40:58.1
37.107  The Real Beastie Boys 1South JordanUT29.Coed Open40:59.1
38.159  The Despicable Minions 1SpringvilleUT30.Coed Open41:16.2
39.138  Baby Got Swack 1KaysvilleUT31.Coed Open41:26.6
40.378  The Contenders 1SyracuseUT32.Coed Open41:27.0
41.137  SWASS2 1OremUT33.Coed Open41:33.5
42.132  The Fam Who Ran Too Little 1Salt LakeUT34.Coed Open42:01.8
43.568  Franks&Beans&KrispyKremes 1MidvaleUT35.Coed Open42:02.2
44.307  Team Name \ RagStock 1Park CityUT36.Coed Open42:03.0
45.436  What The Fox! 1ValenciaCA1.Coed Masters42:05.8
46.270  Run D&T 1Fruit HeightsUT37.Coed Open42:07.9
47.667  Smack That Wasatch Back 1Saratoga SpringsUT38.Coed Open42:19.9
48.521  St. John's Striders 1BensonUT39.Coed Open42:20.1
49.40  Swag Pirates 1LoganUT40.Coed Open42:28.9
50.871  The Pacemakers 1HerrimanUT41.Coed Open42:32.9
51.876  Oilo 1LehiUT42.Coed Open42:33.5
52.514  Leaders of The Back 1BountifulUT43.Coed Open42:34.3
53.301  Risky Business 1Salt Lake CityUT44.Coed Open42:41.7
54.933  Fire Breathin' Rubber Duckies 1Fruit HeightsUT45.Coed Open42:43.0
55.332  The Van Your Van Could Smell Like1MesaAZ46.Coed Open42:44.2
56.20  Its All Good 1S. OgdenUT47.Coed Open42:51.0
57.412  Cfd 1St. GeorgeUT48.Coed Open42:52.7
58.44  Johnson Jollies 1CentervilleUT49.Coed Open42:53.7
59.846  Ragnasty 1Salt Lake CityUT50.Coed Open43:05.1
60.913  Don't Drive Stupid 1UT51.Coed Open43:07.2
61.706  Thunder Cats 1Saratoga SpringsUT3.Coed Submasters43:17.6
62.323  Full Nelson 1HarrisvilleUT52.Coed Open43:18.1
63.320  Charlie's Angels 1Spanish ForkUT53.Coed Open43:19.3
64.45  Not A Scrub in The Bunch 1Salt Lake CityUT54.Coed Open43:19.4
65.257  Henefer Swamp Rats 1HeneferUT55.Coed Open43:20.4
66.215  Phat Bum Fighters 1FarmingtonUT56.Coed Open43:20.7
67.689  Stripping Warriors II 1OremUT57.Coed Open43:21.4
68.172  It Runs in The Family 1Salt Lake CityUT58.Coed Open43:23.4
69.433  24 Giga Hurtz 1Saratoga SpringsUT59.Coed Open43:25.2
70.216  Lactic Acid Droppers 1Salt Lake CityUT60.Coed Open43:30.2
70.696  Something Wicked This Way Runs 1Salt Lake CityUT60.Coed Open43:30.2
72.235  Treehouse Pediatrics 1River HeightsUT62.Coed Open43:30.5
73.992  Don't Punch My Car! 1LehiUT4.Coed Submasters43:31.8
74.110  Rust-ee Joints 1Salt Lake CityUT5.Coed Corporate43:32.1
75.792  Alone At Last 1West JordanUT63.Coed Open43:38.4
76.233  The Whole Fam Damily 1HerrimanUT64.Coed Open43:38.7
77.823  Team Crazy Fit II 1ClearfieldUT65.Coed Open43:44.9
78.299  Peep Killa'z 1SandyUT66.Coed Open43:45.3
79.709  Team Jenna + Couple Others 1AntiochCA67.Coed Open43:46.2
80.95  The Waterboys 1OgdenUT68.Coed Open43:46.4
81.981  Team Strong And Hanni 1DraperUT6.Coed Corporate43:51.1
82.196  Smokin' Shoes 1South JordanUT69.Coed Open44:01.7
83.730  The Quorum of The 12 Runners 1LaytonUT1.Coed Public Service44:02.5
84.715  Spanish Fork Running Club 2 1Spanish ForkUT2.Coed Masters44:02.6
85.8  WeRun4Fun 1ParadiseUT70.Coed Open44:02.7
86.586  Tosh 1Woods CrossUT71.Coed Open44:03.6
87.556  Human Test Subjects 1TooeleUT2.Coed Public Service44:03.7
88.950  Full Moon 1OremUT72.Coed Open44:07.1
89.1055  Starbucks Allstars 1HuntingtonbeachCA73.Coed Open44:20.3
90.837  The Draper Swingers 1DraperUT5.Coed Submasters44:22.3
91.422  Team Ferguson 1Park CityUT74.Coed Open44:23.6
92.628  Encouragement BOOM! 1LaytonUT7.Coed Corporate44:26.8
93.369  Worn Souls 1La JollaCA75.Coed Open44:27.0
94.688  Whatever 1HerrimanUT76.Coed Open44:28.6
95.1105  Nwm 6 1HolladayUT77.Coed Open44:30.4
96.516  Wynners 1N. OgdenUT78.Coed Open44:39.6
97.238  Hoping For Hostile Heifers or Lightning1SalemUT79.Coed Open44:47.8
98.418  Geneva Rock Products 1Pleasant GroveUT80.Coed Open44:49.3
99.230  Help! I Ragged My Nar But I'm Catching Up!1North OgdenUT81.Coed Open44:50.9
100.391  Ragnafarians 1ProvidenceUT82.Coed Open44:54.1
101.1004  Running From Our Past 1Park CityUT83.Coed Open44:54.3
102.319  I'd Rather Have A Root Canal 1BoiseID84.Coed Open44:54.8
103.200  50% Nuts 1Park CityUT6.Coed Submasters45:03.5
104.25  Positive Affirmations 1CentervilleUT85.Coed Open45:09.7
105.854  Davis Flying Wings 1MaryvilleTN86.Coed Open45:09.8
106.577  Exceptional My Ass! 1LaytonUT3.Coed Public Service45:12.6
107.544  Lighthouse Research 1RivertonUT87.Coed Open45:12.9
108.112  Pavement Pounders 1Salt Lake CityUT88.Coed Open45:18.3
108.300  Straight Shooters 1AltadenaCA88.Coed Open45:18.3
110.525  Spring Mobile 1Salt Lake CityUT90.Coed Open45:20.3
111.58  Ryan's Hope & Charlie's Angels 1Stansbury ParkUT91.Coed Open45:30.1
112.87  The Ruckus 1SandyUT92.Coed Open45:32.2
113.901  Hot N Runny 1West JordanUT93.Coed Open45:35.1
114.371  Dude Where is my Van? 1TaylorsvilleUT94.Coed Open45:41.6
115.252  Singing IN The Pain 1CentervilleUT95.Coed Open45:46.5
116.680  Eating Your Dust 1Salt Lake CityUT96.Coed Open45:50.8
117.769  Live Rich 1LoganUT97.Coed Open45:54.2
118.818  Stronger Than Hill 1AlpineUT98.Coed Open45:54.4
119.1067  Wasatch Crossfit 1LaytonUT99.Coed Open45:54.5
120.135  All in The Family 1VernalUT100.Coed Open45:56.9
121.249  Ragnaragains 1OgdenUT101.Coed Open45:59.3
122.32  Project Mayhem 1RoyUT102.Coed Open46:01.8
123.1107  Nordic Track 6 1LoganUT103.Coed Open46:13.3
124.618  Team Ford Running Against Cancer!!!1South JordanUT104.Coed Open46:14.1
125.879  Is There An App For This? 1FolsomCA105.Coed Open46:15.8
126.459  Jacobsen Construction Aches And Cranes 31Pine CanyonUT8.Coed Corporate46:16.0
127.1037  Promotive.com 1Salt Lake CityUT9.Coed Corporate46:20.0
128.244  Aging Turtles 1DraperUT106.Coed Open46:25.1
129.765  JD Machine 1North OgdenUT10.Coed Corporate46:25.5
130.74  T&C Tire Factory 1HighlandUT107.Coed Open46:31.1
131.850  Running on Empty 1ProvidenceUT108.Coed Open46:32.3
132.286  Despicable We 1West JordanUT109.Coed Open46:37.1
133.536  Funner Runners 1MorganUT110.Coed Open46:38.0
134.674  Inlaws 1Fruit HeightsUT111.Coed Open46:40.5
135.771  Up Chuck Norris 1SyracuseUT112.Coed Open46:42.7
136.134  Runnin' on A Prayer 1MorganUT113.Coed Open46:50.7
137.537  Worst Pace Scenario 1ProvidenceUT114.Coed Open46:51.2
138.591  Picu De-stressors 1Salt Lake CityUT115.Coed Open46:56.1
139.189  JIM'S Gym 1RoyUT11.Coed Corporate47:03.8
140.203  Sole Brothers 1KaysvilleUT116.Coed Open47:04.3
141.206  Children's Miracle Network 1SandyUT117.Coed Open47:04.5
142.81  Blazing Saddles 1SlcUT118.Coed Open47:05.3
143.1022  Blood Sweat And Beers 1Salt Lake CityUT7.Coed Submasters47:11.3
144.626  Dirty Thirty 1South JordanUT119.Coed Open47:11.5
145.943  Another Bunch of Suckers 1SyracuseUT120.Coed Open47:15.1
146.72  Plum Loco 1Salt Lake CityUT121.Coed Open47:16.2
147.675  Highway 2 Hell Deuce 1West Valley CityUT122.Coed Open47:17.9
148.1026  Hero Squad 1RivertonUT123.Coed Open47:21.5
149.352  Team Ibuprofen 1LaytonUT124.Coed Open47:22.4
150.186  Fantastic Fourth 1FarmingtonUT125.Coed Open47:23.2
151.62  Team X-Treme 1South JordanUT126.Coed Open47:23.6
152.939  Runnin' Fast n' Breakin' Wind 1OremUT127.Coed Open47:24.2
153.791  Totally Rad Ragnar Runners 1North OgdenUT128.Coed Open47:26.1
154.451  GynoGirls 1Salt Lake CityUT129.Coed Open47:27.9
155.754  Dazed And Abused 1Salt Lake CityUT130.Coed Open47:28.2
156.322  Hot Tamales 1GilbertAZ131.Coed Open47:30.5
157.824  Disco Fever And Pain Relievers 1OgdenUT132.Coed Open47:31.7
158.357  Crack-O-Dawners 1OremUT8.Coed Submasters47:33.4
159.271  Not Bigger Just Badder 1Salt Lake CityUT133.Coed Open47:34.2
160.304  Usain we Aint 1LoganUT134.Coed Open47:34.7
161.1090  Nordic Track 3 1MidwayUT135.Coed Open47:37.1
161.1056  Never A Little Behind 1PerryUT9.Coed Submasters47:37.1
163.787  Run This Town 1BountifulUT136.Coed Open47:38.5
164.140  Recycled Runners 1West JordanUT137.Coed Open47:41.9
165.328  Rogue Runners 1DecaturGA138.Coed Open47:43.1
165.742  Entourage 1West PointUT138.Coed Open47:43.1
167.595  Scooters 1OgdenUT140.Coed Open47:43.2
168.335  Oreo Speedwagon 1HolladayUT141.Coed Open47:47.7
168.705  Sole Mates 1BountifulUT141.Coed Open47:47.7
170.188  Quiltmytshirt.com 1SlcUT143.Coed Open47:49.3
171.834  Rush 1West PointUT10.Coed Submasters47:52.3
172.584  Stripping Warriors 1American ForkUT144.Coed Open47:53.5
173.554  Check City 1OremUT145.Coed Open47:58.0
174.649  Thong Distance Runners 1MidvaleUT146.Coed Open48:04.4
175.1115  Eleven Runners And A Fat Guy 1SlcUT147.Coed Open48:06.6
176.750  Drop Dead Dozen2 1SmithfieldUT148.Coed Open48:06.9
177.810  Mayne 1Woods CrossUT149.Coed Open48:08.6
178.173  The Mighty Quinns 1New CanaanCT150.Coed Open48:13.0
179.741  Sanity Seekers 1West HavenUT151.Coed Open48:13.3
180.1091  Nordic Track 4 1LoganUT152.Coed Open48:14.9
181.493  Pure Gumby Cane 1RoyUT153.Coed Open48:15.2
182.842  Getting The Run Around! 1South JordanUT154.Coed Open48:16.3
183.918  Trail Dawgz 1OremUT155.Coed Open48:17.7
184.533  Fire in The Hole 1KaysvilleUT156.Coed Open48:18.7
185.524  Tortuga 1Salt Lake CityUT157.Coed Open48:18.8
186.945  Bone Crushers 1Pleasant GroveUT12.Coed Corporate48:19.9
187.660  The Fast And The Furious 1Farr WestUT158.Coed Open48:20.8
188.256  Overhead Doors 1Woods CrossUT13.Coed Corporate48:22.7
189.426  Run Away 1FarmingtonUT159.Coed Open48:23.6
190.627  Angry Birds 1West JordanUT160.Coed Open48:25.9
191.959  Patheadaches 1SandyUT161.Coed Open48:26.5
192.380  "duh Winning" 1North Salt LakeUT162.Coed Open48:27.6
193.634  The Heavy Breathers 1SunsetUT163.Coed Open48:37.5
194.168  Here We Go Again 1HerrimanUT14.Coed Corporate48:37.7
195.604  Caution 1Spanish ForkUT164.Coed Open48:39.0
196.1019  Runnin' Retro 1HeberUT165.Coed Open48:42.7
197.163  2 Legit 2 Quit 1RivertonUT166.Coed Open48:42.9
198.683  Sole Asylum 1ArlingtonVA167.Coed Open48:43.7
199.714  MonaVie Runners 1South JordanUT15.Coed Corporate48:44.1
200.367  Einsteins 1San FranciscoCA168.Coed Open48:46.0
201.639  Girls on The GLOW! 1NephiUT169.Coed Open48:47.8
202.318  Wasatch Back to The Future 1Cedar HillsUT170.Coed Open48:49.4
203.881  We Were Once Fat Kids 1KaysvilleUT171.Coed Open48:50.8
204.686  Jugs And Thugs 1Twin FallsID172.Coed Open48:55.5
205.395  Neon Nerds 1ProvoUT173.Coed Open48:59.7
206.362  Should've Pulled Out 1SyracuseUT174.Coed Open49:01.7
207.21  Take Luck 1FarmingtonUT175.Coed Open49:05.4
208.374  Faster Than A Speeding Bullet 1LaytonUT176.Coed Open49:05.5
209.914  Snowstorm 1KaysvilleUT177.Coed Open49:06.5
210.250  El Equipo Miguel Grande 1KaysvilleUT178.Coed Open49:07.2
211.76  Bmazda-btween A Rock And A Ragn Ragnar1BountifulUT179.Coed Open49:08.1
212.1095  Red Hot Joggers 1RooseveltUT180.Coed Open49:08.4
213.777  Ragnar Superfriends 1ClintonUT181.Coed Open49:09.4
214.283  Cops And Robbers 1HerrimanUT182.Coed Open49:10.2
215.7  Kaysville Kruisers 1KaysvilleUT183.Coed Open49:15.3
216.239  Here For The Scenery 1OremUT4.Coed Public Service49:18.6
217.1113  Friends With Benefits 1Park CityUT184.Coed Open49:19.5
218.669  Pac 12 1Salt Lake CityUT185.Coed Open49:19.6
219.205  Huge Mistake 1Spanish ForkUT186.Coed Open49:19.7
220.519  Are We Finished Yet? 1SyracuseUT187.Coed Open49:23.8
221.317  That's Some Rapid Thigh Movement1DraperUT188.Coed Open49:24.9
222.643  A Bad Case of The Runs 1ShelleyID11.Coed Submasters49:26.7
223.924  Burninators 1CentervilleUT189.Coed Open49:28.5
224.339  Lean Mean Fat Boy Burning Machine1West JordanUT190.Coed Open49:31.1
225.415  Cho Mamas 1West JordanUT191.Coed Open49:36.9
226.105  Team Delta Bravo 1North LoganUT192.Coed Open49:41.6
227.676  Runs N Roses 1OrcuttCA193.Coed Open49:43.1
228.176  Misfits 1LaytonUT194.Coed Open49:46.8
229.36  we ve Still Got The Runs 1AlpineUT195.Coed Open49:47.2
230.24  Pink Freud II 1LehiUT196.Coed Open49:47.8
231.82  That Scotty Mac is A Fool 1North Salt LakeUT197.Coed Open49:50.5
232.729  R.O.U.S. Runners of Unusual Speed1KaysvilleUT198.Coed Open49:50.7
233.718  Inglorious Rastards 1West Valley CityUT199.Coed Open49:51.4
234.1104  Nwm 5 1SlcUT200.Coed Open49:56.4
235.278  Endorphins Make People Happy So? Up Yours1SyracuseUT201.Coed Open49:57.9
236.94  Run Your Butt Off 1BountifulUT202.Coed Open50:00.1
237.490  11 Runners And A Bald Guy Named Dan1LaytonUT12.Coed Submasters50:03.2
238.954  Thats What She Said 1Pleasant GroveUT203.Coed Open50:03.3
239.4  Crop Dusters 1Pleasant GroveUT204.Coed Open50:04.1
240.1072  Power Ragnars 1SandyUT205.Coed Open50:07.0
241.165  Lindsay's Lopers 1StansburyUT206.Coed Open50:13.3
242.17  Team Shake Weight 1FarmingtonUT207.Coed Open50:13.6
243.644  RAGNARcoleptics 1FarmingtonUT208.Coed Open50:13.9
244.957  Sore Feet 1Plain CityUT209.Coed Open50:17.5
245.673  This is The Pace 1Cleveland HeightsOH210.Coed Open50:18.0
246.522  Omega Xtreme 1MapletonUT13.Coed Submasters50:18.1
247.337  On The RAG!! 1HerrimanUT211.Coed Open50:18.4
248.691  F.A.R.T. 1MurrayUT212.Coed Open50:18.6
249.52  Men-o-pause 1TooeleUT213.Coed Open50:19.3
250.403  Threat Level Midnight 1SandyUT214.Coed Open50:19.4
251.31  Chain Gang Pain Gain 1LaytonUT215.Coed Open50:25.9
252.402  Team Rum Runners 1Salt Lake CityUT216.Coed Open50:28.5
252.593  Lotopa 1MurrayUT216.Coed Open50:28.5
254.1043  Whose Idea Was This? 1South JordanUT218.Coed Open50:29.0
255.572  Cross The Country 1SlcUT219.Coed Open50:29.2
256.564  Legally Dead V 1DraperUT220.Coed Open50:30.5
257.127  The Den of Destruction 1LehiUT221.Coed Open50:31.3
258.343  Naked Gumbies 1West HavenUT222.Coed Open50:34.1
259.532  Running From Sin City 1Las VegasNV223.Coed Open50:34.8
260.108  Bourne to Run 1HolladayUT224.Coed Open50:36.4
261.892  Fossil Fueled 1Salt Lake CityUT16.Coed Corporate50:36.5
262.327  Sin City Saints 1Las VegasNV14.Coed Submasters50:38.0
263.994  Tighty Whities 1SmithfieldUT225.Coed Open50:38.1
264.847  We Got The Runs 1KaysvilleUT226.Coed Open50:38.8
265.574  Runnin' up Your Pass 1HerrimanUT227.Coed Open50:40.3
266.672  Charlie's Angels 1New CanaanCT228.Coed Open50:40.6
267.213  MV Reunited 1OremUT229.Coed Open50:41.3
268.647  The Quantum Kamikazes 1Plain CityUT230.Coed Open50:41.5
269.39  Advanced Title 1Salt Lake CityUT17.Coed Corporate50:41.8
270.326  Slow And Steady....like A Rock 1MendonUT15.Coed Submasters50:42.0
271.93  Stick This! 1MurrayUT231.Coed Open50:42.7
272.298  Probably Your Next Kill 1NibleyUT232.Coed Open50:43.2
273.359  Viking Flyers II 1New YorkNY233.Coed Open50:45.3
274.890  HolySmokes 1ProvoUT234.Coed Open50:46.2
275.480  Insomniacs With Running Problems1Brigham CityUT235.Coed Open50:46.6
276.616  Trout Slap 1GenolaUT3.Coed Masters50:48.1
277.1012  Rockafellas 1LehiUT236.Coed Open50:54.3
278.416  Hard Candy 1HolladayUT237.Coed Open50:54.7
279.571  Run Like The Winded 2011 1FarmingtonUT238.Coed Open50:56.3
280.1017  They Think I Don't Know A bu Ttload of Crap About Running B1Pleasant ViewUT16.Coed Submasters51:00.4
281.33  Dirty Underwear Gang 1Saratoga SpringsUT239.Coed Open51:01.0
282.77  Wild Kingdom 1Salt Lake CityUT240.Coed Open51:01.3
282.698  Can You Beer me Now? 1West HavenUT17.Coed Submasters51:01.3
284.12  Born To Run 1North Salt LakeUT241.Coed Open51:02.4
285.113  Do It! Dew It! Did It! 1ProvidenceUT242.Coed Open51:02.9
286.410  Atkin Family 1TooeleUT243.Coed Open51:03.9
287.530  Breaking Wind aka:Team Bloody Nipples1South WeberUT244.Coed Open51:05.8
288.558  Clyde Redeem Team 1OremUT245.Coed Open51:06.3
289.764  There's no Crying at Ragnar!! 1KemmererWY246.Coed Open51:11.3
290.999  Schulz Squad 1MillvilleUT247.Coed Open51:12.1
291.1089  Fdic 1American ForkUT248.Coed Open51:13.2
292.590  Random Runners 1AmmonID249.Coed Open51:17.0
293.382  Dumb & Dumber 1LindonUT250.Coed Open51:17.8
294.471  Reeking Havoc 1West JordanUT251.Coed Open51:20.7
295.408  Run 2 Eat 1DraperUT252.Coed Open51:20.8
296.1018  Kill-a-Watts 1LehiUT253.Coed Open51:20.9
297.684  Original Wtf Where's The Finish1Park CityUT254.Coed Open51:21.2
298.474  Gu'd 2 Go 1BluffdaleUT255.Coed Open51:21.8
299.960  Leap Frog 1West JordanUT256.Coed Open51:22.1
300.1108  Brett's Team 1Saratoga SpringsUT257.Coed Open51:28.6
301.857  Subway 'Put A Foot in Their Mouths'1SandyUT18.Coed Submasters51:29.1
302.790  Haulin' Booty 1OremUT258.Coed Open51:32.7
303.122  Run And Tell That Homeboy! 1SandyUT259.Coed Open51:34.1
304.665  Out And Backs 1MorganUT260.Coed Open51:35.4
305.1014  Strip Tease Part 2 1KaysvilleUT18.Coed Corporate51:37.8
306.799  "E" For Effort 1LaytonUT261.Coed Open51:38.1
307.849  Hero 1FarmingtonUT262.Coed Open51:38.5
308.515  Big Bumps Small Bumps so Many Bumps1Salt Lake CityUT263.Coed Open51:39.1
309.272  Running Crazy 1AlpineUT264.Coed Open51:40.6
310.273  Movers And Chafers 1LehiUT265.Coed Open51:42.6
311.156  Caselle 4.1 1SpringvilleUT19.Coed Corporate51:44.3
312.895  Hands Across The Back 1Salt Lake CityUT20.Coed Corporate51:47.2
313.398  Work Safe Run Reckless 1MurrayUT266.Coed Open51:47.3
314.64  Vicious & Delicious 1HighlandUT19.Coed Submasters51:49.9
315.243  Bros Before Hos 1Farr WestUT267.Coed Open51:50.0
316.826  Burton Couples 1KaysvilleUT268.Coed Open51:52.9
317.979  Rous 1WellsvilleUT269.Coed Open51:53.5
318.874  Thirty Somethings 1LaytonUT270.Coed Open51:55.5
319.470  Run Like You Stole It 1South JordanUT271.Coed Open51:56.2
320.747  Running Native 1ProvoUT20.Coed Submasters51:58.6
321.353  Dead On Balls Accurate - Aka Doba1DraperUT272.Coed Open52:00.0
322.1046  Phantom Menace 1RivertonUT21.Coed Submasters52:00.8
323.166  The Village People 1SandyUT273.Coed Open52:02.6
324.1094  Nwm 1 1Salt Lake CityUT274.Coed Open52:04.0
325.46  Ragnar- Just A 302K Fun Run 1West JordanUT275.Coed Open52:04.3
326.512  Trading Paces 1Salt Lake CityUT22.Coed Submasters52:05.8
327.559  Chaffers 1West Valley CityUT276.Coed Open52:08.2
328.1082  Winder Farms 1 1West ValleyUT21.Coed Corporate52:08.5
329.129  The Bod Squad 1BountifulUT277.Coed Open52:17.1
330.54  Hoggan's Heroes 1LaytonUT278.Coed Open52:21.2
331.721  The Good The Bad And The Ugly 1Salt Lake CityUT279.Coed Open52:23.1
332.887  Jogermeisters 1OgdenUT23.Coed Submasters52:26.2
333.766  Bubbles Bunch 1GarlandUT280.Coed Open52:27.0
334.856  Rlh 1West Valley CityUT281.Coed Open52:27.5
335.68  Wash Your Undercarriage 1Salt Lake CityUT282.Coed Open52:28.2
336.37  Something Weird Just Happened 1SyracuseUT283.Coed Open52:28.4
337.589  Ventus 1MidvaleUT284.Coed Open52:32.0
338.583  Road Kill Junkies 1ClearfieldUT285.Coed Open52:32.2
339.310  Twisted Sisters 1TalmageUT286.Coed Open52:32.5
340.179  4 we Can Run ! 1CentervilleUT287.Coed Open52:35.1
340.772  Vandalay Industries 1Mountain GreenUT287.Coed Open52:35.1
342.99  Drop Dead Dozen 1WellsvilleUT289.Coed Open52:35.8
343.713  Sweet Cheeks 1LehiUT290.Coed Open52:36.0
344.909  Red Clover Watches 1ProvoUT24.Coed Submasters52:39.0
345.89  You Want me to Run What? 1RivertonUT291.Coed Open52:39.1
346.201  Reese's Pieces 1ProvoUT292.Coed Open52:40.0
347.276  Running Blind 1SyracuseUT293.Coed Open52:41.7
348.552  Dogfunk.com 1Park CityUT294.Coed Open52:45.4
349.1005  Doris' Dashing Dozen 1BountifulUT295.Coed Open52:46.0
350.71  Loco Mojo 1CentervilleUT296.Coed Open52:48.2
351.936  Children of The 80s 1Hyde ParkUT297.Coed Open52:51.0
352.164  Akl Running 1West JordanUT298.Coed Open52:52.1
353.748  *Sole* Train 1PrestonID299.Coed Open52:54.0
354.386  We're Bringing Sweaty Back 1RoyUT300.Coed Open52:54.5
355.1000  Stop TRAFFIC! 1West JordanUT301.Coed Open52:54.6
356.118  The Monte Crew 1LaytonUT302.Coed Open52:55.4
357.462  24 Feet to The Finish 1LaytonUT303.Coed Open52:55.9
358.502  Take Two 1LehiUT304.Coed Open52:56.7
359.1001  Hugh's Sofa Kingdom 1OgdenUT305.Coed Open52:59.8
360.260  Race CrAzY 1West PointUT306.Coed Open53:00.4
361.324  Average Joes 1KaysvilleUT307.Coed Open53:02.0
362.280  Forever Bones 1HarrisvilleUT308.Coed Open53:03.5
363.825  Runnin Ragged 1North OgdenUT309.Coed Open53:04.8
364.289  Running For Presidents 1West Valley CityUT310.Coed Open53:20.4
365.1040  Mountain Land Rehabilitation 1LaytonUT311.Coed Open53:20.5
366.1002  Wright Rebels 1DraperUT312.Coed Open53:23.1
367.231  Holy SchNikes! 1Saratoga SpringsUT313.Coed Open53:23.3
368.88  Bloodbath & Beyond 1OgdenUT314.Coed Open53:23.7
369.602  Sweaty Soles 1Salt Lake CityUT315.Coed Open53:27.3
370.773  Running Behind 1NibleyUT316.Coed Open53:28.7
371.503  Ragnardagains 1LoganUT317.Coed Open53:29.8
372.1123  Davis High Coed 1KaysvilleUT3.Coed High School53:30.2
373.930  Rustic Rebels 1SandyUT318.Coed Open53:31.9
374.868  Becky's Boot Camp Crew 1LaytonUT319.Coed Open53:33.0
375.1047  Modern Utah Family 1North Salt LakeUT320.Coed Open53:33.5
376.523  Reason 2 Run 1TooeleUT321.Coed Open53:33.8
377.144  ToeJammers 1LaytonUT322.Coed Open53:36.0
378.97  Run'n Till We Die 1RivertonUT323.Coed Open53:36.6
379.26  Bear Lake Monsters 1SyracuseUT324.Coed Open53:37.1
380.511  The Viking Flyers 1New YorkNY325.Coed Open53:40.6
381.767  Inglorious Ragsters 1West JordanUT326.Coed Open53:42.7
382.510  We've Got The Runs 1FarmingtonUT327.Coed Open53:44.5
383.778  Where's The Shortcut? 1NibleyUT328.Coed Open53:45.8
384.333  Unlimited JUICE? 1Cedar ParkTX329.Coed Open53:46.2
385.443  Where's The Water? 1FarmingtonUT330.Coed Open53:46.9
386.344  Oblivious Pavement Pirates 1RiverdaleUT331.Coed Open53:50.5
387.912  Easy Kill 1Saratoga SpringsUT332.Coed Open53:50.9
388.670  Wannabees 1FarmingtonUT333.Coed Open53:52.8
389.862  Rush Run Until it Stops Hurting1West JordanUT334.Coed Open53:53.8
390.963  This is Our Vacation 1West JordanUT335.Coed Open53:54.1
391.446  Some Train Some Gain...but we All Came!1MorganUT336.Coed Open53:55.1
392.295  Saints & Sinners 1Idaho FallsID337.Coed Open53:55.5
393.423  21 Kids Later... 1NslUT338.Coed Open53:55.6
394.942  Snake Bite 1Salt Lake CiryUT339.Coed Open53:58.1
395.804  The Lamebodies 1HerrimanUT340.Coed Open53:59.1
396.59  Ragnarly to The Bone 1MurrayUT341.Coed Open53:59.5
397.822  Team Shocker 1North OgdenUT25.Coed Submasters54:00.2
398.14  Best Vinyl 1SalemUT342.Coed Open54:00.8
399.768  I'd Rather Be Drinking A Diet Coke1MidvaleUT26.Coed Submasters54:01.7
400.726  Succors For Punishment 1FarmingtonUT343.Coed Open54:03.7
401.264  Marv Again 1BountifulUT344.Coed Open54:04.6
402.1102  NWM-Edgewood Group Team 1ProvoUT345.Coed Open54:07.7
403.464  Project Runaway 1DraperUT346.Coed Open54:08.5
404.341  Ranches Rough Riders - Women 1FarmingtonUT347.Coed Open54:10.0
405.893  The Team Who Must Not Be Named 1Salt Lake CityUT348.Coed Open54:12.0
406.640  Where's Ragnar? 1ClearfieldUT349.Coed Open54:14.0
407.884  Spread 'em We're Here to Help! 1NslUT5.Coed Public Service54:14.5
408.444  Sweaty Chix & Cool Dudes 1MapletonUT350.Coed Open54:17.0
409.781  Got Runs? 1West JordanUT351.Coed Open54:19.0
410.69  Team 69 1RivertonUT27.Coed Submasters54:21.2
411.225  Gym Class Heroes 1DraperUT352.Coed Open54:21.7
412.148  Time Wounds All Heels 1South JordanUT353.Coed Open54:26.9
413.1101  Wiscombe 1LaytonUT354.Coed Open54:28.0
414.130  Gpp Fit 1KaysvilleUT355.Coed Open54:28.8
415.682  Dude Where's my Van? 1West JordanUT356.Coed Open54:33.0
416.473  Just Fast Enough 1SandyUT357.Coed Open54:33.5
417.1035  Ragnarcisists 1EphraimUT358.Coed Open54:33.7
418.169  Bootso 1Salt Lake CityUT359.Coed Open54:36.5
419.902  Moorefit 1ClintonUT6.Coed Public Service54:37.9
420.563  Insane in The Brain 1OremUT360.Coed Open54:44.2
421.236  We Got Drugs 4 That 1KaysvilleUT361.Coed Open54:45.5
422.330  Sofa King Awesome Runners 1GlendaleAZ362.Coed Open54:46.5
423.550  Team Beaver 1LewistonUT363.Coed Open54:49.0
424.251  Asa...p? 1Salt Lake CityUT364.Coed Open54:51.4
425.762  Just A Cough...TaDa! 1FarmingtonUT365.Coed Open54:53.1
426.487  Eat Our Rust! 1BountifulUT366.Coed Open54:53.6
427.1078  Farfromthevanagain 1Park CityUT28.Coed Submasters54:54.3
428.494  Clinically Insane 1OgdenUT367.Coed Open54:55.1
429.460  Team 333 (only 1/2 Bad) 1South JordanUT368.Coed Open54:57.7
430.551  Backcountry.com 1Park CityUT369.Coed Open54:58.1
431.542  Bank of Utah - The Money Macheen1North OgdenUT22.Coed Corporate54:59.4
432.657  It Ain't Workin' 1Salt Lake CityUT370.Coed Open55:03.4
433.889  Rmao 1OgdenUT23.Coed Corporate55:08.5
434.209  If We Weren't All Crazy We Would Go Insane1ProvidenceUT371.Coed Open55:13.6
435.228  Bringin' up The Beer 1SyracuseUT372.Coed Open55:14.6
436.617  Hicks & Chicks 1OgdenUT373.Coed Open55:15.7
437.723  Ultra + 6 1FarmingtonUT374.Coed Open55:16.9
438.368  Sore 4 Sure 1ClearfieldUT375.Coed Open55:18.6
438.1008  It's A Long Hard Pull 1SalinaUT375.Coed Open55:18.6
440.863  Go Fish! 1Salt Lake CityUT377.Coed Open55:20.1
441.638  Teton Running 1AmmonID378.Coed Open55:20.9
442.982  Still Running to Find A Date For Shane1HarrisvilleUT379.Coed Open55:22.8
443.751  Moosen 1North Salt LakeUT380.Coed Open55:25.2
444.736  Briskopher Walken 1BoiseID381.Coed Open55:27.4
445.1006  Team 61 Stop TRAFFIC! 1DraperUT382.Coed Open55:28.0
446.788  Beware The Penguins 1MidvaleUT383.Coed Open55:28.9
447.11  Shay's Team 1LoganUT384.Coed Open55:29.5
448.167  Bottom of The Barrel 1MidwayUT385.Coed Open55:30.8
449.513  JT3 Range Rats 1South WeberUT386.Coed Open55:33.2
450.666  No Bueno 1SyracuseUT387.Coed Open55:33.8
451.971  The A-Team 1LehiUT388.Coed Open55:35.2
452.697  The Team That Must Not be Named1Salt Lake CityUT389.Coed Open55:36.3
453.61  The Young And The Wreckless 1HolladayUT390.Coed Open55:37.0
454.125  Army of Run 1SyracuseUT391.Coed Open55:40.8
455.499  SoCal Nightmares 1San DiegoCA29.Coed Submasters55:44.0
456.785  Eggs 1SyracuseUT392.Coed Open55:46.5
457.546  Bearnson & Caldwell 1MillvilleUT393.Coed Open55:46.7
458.973  Big Sexy 1OgdenUT394.Coed Open55:47.3
459.123  Leave It All Behind 1Salt Lake CityUT395.Coed Open55:48.3
460.104  Captain Colon 1Salt Lake CityUT396.Coed Open55:49.2
460.646  Hot-Mess Express 1MidvaleUT396.Coed Open55:49.2
462.354  Thanksgiving Point Dental 1DraperUT398.Coed Open55:50.7
462.977  Bad Andersons- Kickin-it "A" Style1American ForkUT398.Coed Open55:50.7
464.338  Team Nacnud 1OremUT400.Coed Open55:59.2
465.197  Abcdefg 1Woods CrossUT401.Coed Open56:01.0
466.727  AnniHILLators 1West PointUT402.Coed Open56:05.5
467.247  Girls Just Wanna Run 1SlcUT403.Coed Open56:06.2
468.658  The Runzz 1American ForkUT404.Coed Open56:06.5
469.737  Sole Meets Body 1HerrimanUT405.Coed Open56:07.1
470.886  The Knobs 1ProvidenceUT406.Coed Open56:08.0
471.663  Eradicare Roachrunners 1OgdenUT407.Coed Open56:09.8
472.653  Dam Runners 1Salt Lake CityUT408.Coed Open56:10.5
473.1020  Alpine Running Crew 1SmithfieldUT409.Coed Open56:13.0
474.555  WhiskeyMilitia.com 1Park CityUT410.Coed Open56:14.3
475.181  Twelve I's 1FarmingtonUT411.Coed Open56:15.7
476.749  Baby Steppin' It 1FarmingtonUT412.Coed Open56:16.2
477.13  Definition of Insanity 1RivertonUT413.Coed Open56:16.3
478.237  Weeseter Bunnies 1River HeightsUT414.Coed Open56:19.4
479.797  I.T. Bandits 1NibleyUT415.Coed Open56:22.4
480.162  Run Like The Winded 1BountifulUT416.Coed Open56:26.0
481.701  Stone Creek Stoners 1BountifulUT417.Coed Open56:28.5
482.780  Norwesters Miners Not Whiners 1West ValleyUT24.Coed Corporate56:28.8
483.90  Up in The Night 1SyracuseUT418.Coed Open56:30.6
484.656  Sotw 1FarmingtonUT30.Coed Submasters56:35.2
485.211  Phat Asphalt 1ProvoUT25.Coed Corporate56:37.5
486.258  We're Back! 1BountifulUT419.Coed Open56:37.6
487.98  Western Family 1CokevilleWY420.Coed Open56:37.8
488.100  Uncle Sam's Running Company 1VernalUT421.Coed Open56:38.7
489.128  Keep It Jigglin' 1Salt Lake CityUT422.Coed Open56:40.9
490.120  Scorpion Death Strike 1Salt Lake CityUT423.Coed Open56:41.2
491.434  Unforgettable Utes 1Salt Lake CityUT26.Coed Corporate56:42.3
492.440  Shut Up And Run! 1SyracuseUT424.Coed Open56:42.8
493.262  See Spots Run 1 1LoganUT27.Coed Corporate56:44.1
494.598  Fast & Furious 1SantaquinUT425.Coed Open56:47.3
495.1011  Running Off at The Mouth 1Salt Lake CityUT426.Coed Open56:47.9
496.958  It Hurts So Good 1Salt Lake CityUT427.Coed Open56:49.5
497.843  South Jordan Slackers 1South JordanUT428.Coed Open56:50.9
498.42  The Joneses 1RivertonUT429.Coed Open56:51.7
499.985  Wild Soles Kickin Asphalt 1HyrumUT430.Coed Open56:53.2
500.475  Wind Suckers 1River HeightsUT431.Coed Open56:53.3
501.796  Road Kill Cafe 1BrighamUT432.Coed Open56:53.7
502.35  Loco Lugnuts 1WanshipUT433.Coed Open56:54.6
503.263  For The Love of Chafing 1RivertonUT434.Coed Open56:56.7
504.619  Party In A Van 1Salt Lake CityUT435.Coed Open57:00.4
505.139  Rage Against The Mountain 1SandyUT436.Coed Open57:00.6
506.1099  Nwm 3 1Salt Lake CityUT437.Coed Open57:01.3
507.561  Thresher's RV Crew 1American ForkUT31.Coed Submasters57:02.0
508.245  Craig's Crusaders 1Park CityUT438.Coed Open57:06.0
509.1068  Nordic Track 1 1Brigham CityUT439.Coed Open57:08.2
510.492  Sibling Rivalry 1Brigham CityUT440.Coed Open57:12.0
511.802  Speedy Turtles 2 1HyrumUT441.Coed Open57:12.9
512.297  Noody Blipples & Chanal Affin' 1SyracuseUT442.Coed Open57:15.3
513.815  Running on MT 1West JordanUT443.Coed Open57:16.5
514.294  NO Idea 1LehiUT444.Coed Open57:17.9
515.770  One Mile At A Time 1RiverdaleUT445.Coed Open57:20.0
516.980  Run And Not Be Weary 1HighlandUT446.Coed Open57:20.4
517.277  I'd Rather be Golfing! 1Brigham CityUT447.Coed Open57:21.3
518.1027  Generation Suicide 1Sherman OaksCA448.Coed Open57:22.2
519.430  Significant Deficiencies 1KearnsUT449.Coed Open57:23.2
520.547  Protruding Manholes 1HerrimanUT450.Coed Open57:32.1
521.285  Loveless Lunatics 1EugeneOR451.Coed Open57:36.0
522.146  Ragnar Runners Do It 3 Times A Day1West JordanUT452.Coed Open57:39.3
523.190  Project Runway Far 1SyracuseUT453.Coed Open57:39.6
524.392  Anchorvan 1Cedar HillsUT454.Coed Open57:42.1
524.717  Leather Lungs And Jog Bras 1SandyUT454.Coed Open57:42.1
526.161  HH 1Saratoga SpringsUT456.Coed Open57:44.3
527.103  2 Days And Confused 1Salt Lake CityUT32.Coed Submasters57:44.5
528.1098  Ludicrous Speed 1WaddellAZ457.Coed Open57:44.7
529.1084  Sprint #2 1DraperUT458.Coed Open57:50.7
530.34  Scrambled Legs And Achin' 1Pleasant GroveUT459.Coed Open57:54.1
531.227  Cnm 1SlcUT460.Coed Open57:55.7
532.1088  Doctor Dave's Dozen Dudes & Dudettes A.K.A. D51HerrimanUT461.Coed Open57:58.2
533.949  Running Half-Fast 1West Valley CityUT33.Coed Submasters57:58.7
534.814  Fetched Runners 1South WeberUT462.Coed Open57:59.2
535.543  Honey Bucket Hoppers 2 1TremontonUT463.Coed Open58:00.3
536.817  Rich's Pulmonary Pacers 1Brigham CityUT464.Coed Open58:00.4
536.1116  Team Jen 1SmithfieldUT464.Coed Open58:00.4
538.585  Stephanie's Team 1BountifulUT466.Coed Open58:01.0
539.712  The River Ratz 1Salt Lake CityUT467.Coed Open58:01.9
540.224  Reno 911 1AlgodonesNM468.Coed Open58:03.4
541.907  OB/GY am I Running? 1West JordanUT469.Coed Open58:05.8
542.1021  Race Judicata 1DraperUT470.Coed Open58:07.6
543.1045  Fostersize 1SilverdaleWA471.Coed Open58:10.1
544.623  Team Barnyard 1MagnaUT472.Coed Open58:10.8
545.1060  Ragnerds 1American ForkUT473.Coed Open58:16.6
546.467  The Quad Squad 1Woods CrossUT474.Coed Open58:17.9
547.484  Drug Runners 1West JordanUT475.Coed Open58:18.4
548.904  Hack The Back 1Happy ValleyOR476.Coed Open58:21.6
549.73  Squirrel Bait 1Brigham CityUT477.Coed Open58:24.0
550.461  Wincing Together 1Salt Lake CityUT28.Coed Corporate58:25.8
551.266  All Laced Up 1Salt Lake CityUT478.Coed Open58:28.1
552.692  Crazy Runs In The Family 1LoganUT479.Coed Open58:28.4
553.878  The TBDs 1UT480.Coed Open58:36.7
554.1114  Espn - Wasatch Back 1West HartfordCT481.Coed Open58:38.0
555.195  Tapering Since Thanksgiving 1Cedar HillsUT482.Coed Open58:39.6
556.527  Meatus Inc 1BountifulUT483.Coed Open58:42.2
557.725  Team Super Cool 1PerryUT484.Coed Open58:43.3
558.183  Crazy 1NslUT34.Coed Submasters58:43.9
559.759  Run4Fun 1HerrimanUT485.Coed Open58:44.3
560.38  Elinors Team 1FarmingtonUT486.Coed Open58:45.8
561.738  Running Just As Fast As We Can 1Salt Lake CityAL487.Coed Open58:49.6
562.873  The Bad Assets 1South JordanUT29.Coed Corporate58:49.7
563.379  Blister Poppers 1CentervilleUT488.Coed Open58:51.6
564.578  The Blue Darts - You Can't Hold A Candle To Us!1SpringvilleUT4.Coed High School58:53.9
565.259  Bless Our Soles 1LehiUT489.Coed Open58:54.4
566.541  Honey Bucket Hoppers 1 1TremontonUT490.Coed Open58:54.5
567.184  Damn-Soles in Distress 1MorganUT491.Coed Open59:00.1
568.106  Swass Talkers 1HighlandUT492.Coed Open59:03.7
569.1076  Breasties And Testies 1LoganUT493.Coed Open59:04.5
570.141  Mixed Nuts! 1LapointUT494.Coed Open59:05.7
571.476  The Wakestaz 1OgdenUT495.Coed Open59:07.7
572.248  Chuck Norris Fan Club 1ClearfieldUT496.Coed Open59:07.8
573.126  Seriously 1Park CityUT497.Coed Open59:10.1
574.401  Run. Pillage. Plunder 1River HeightsUT498.Coed Open59:14.4
575.996  Bouncing Boobies Nuts & Ies1BountifulUT499.Coed Open59:19.3
576.377  Boneheads 1WashingtonUT500.Coed Open59:29.0
577.364  The Beauties And The Foodies 1SandyUT501.Coed Open59:29.9
578.1029  Usoe 1HighlandUT30.Coed Corporate59:35.4
579.75  Oh The Places You'll Go 1Woods CrossUT502.Coed Open59:36.9
580.375  We do Run Run Run we do Run Run1MurrayUT503.Coed Open59:38.1
581.447  Now You C us...Now You Still C us1West JordanUT504.Coed Open59:38.3
582.952  Uvgottobekidnme 1NibleyUT505.Coed Open59:39.1
583.852  Cloudy With A Chance of Ninjas 1RivertonUT506.Coed Open59:41.4
584.926  Snot Rockets 1Cedar CityUT35.Coed Submasters59:44.7
585.641  Team Kerkmann 1Salt Lake CityUT507.Coed Open59:46.6
586.407  Happy Feet :) 1KaysvilleUT508.Coed Open59:48.9
587.303  Blisters in The Sun 1Salt Lake CityUT509.Coed Open59:49.2
588.1110  In Honor of Birthdays 1DraperUT510.Coed Open59:52.6
589.531  Hard Day's Night 1LehiUT511.Coed Open59:53.8
590.905  Check Out Our Butt Lights 1LaytonUT512.Coed Open59:54.6
591.968  Running From Sanchez 1Salt Lake CityUT513.Coed Open59:59.4
592.340  The Grand Cru 1Salt Lake CityUT514.Coed Open1:00:01.6
592.406  Bad Assphalt 1RivertonUT514.Coed Open1:00:01.6
594.710  Running to Stand Still 1HolladayUT516.Coed Open1:00:05.5
595.500  Basin Wreckers 1Park CityUT517.Coed Open1:00:10.6
596.84  A Momentary Lapse of Reason ?Again1HerrimanUT36.Coed Submasters1:00:14.0
597.96  Evolo 1RivertonUT518.Coed Open1:00:15.2
598.469  Bonneville Sloths 1Salt Lake CityUT519.Coed Open1:00:15.4
599.898  Muscle Burners 1RivertonUT520.Coed Open1:00:17.1
600.51  Adrenaline 1West BountifulUT521.Coed Open1:00:17.8
601.805  The Lollygaggers 1ClearfieldUT522.Coed Open1:00:19.0
602.827  Like They do it Downtown! 1Saratoga SpringsUT523.Coed Open1:00:22.0
603.588  Till We Collapse... 1LehiUT524.Coed Open1:00:25.6
604.91  Shaka Laka 1ClearfieldUT525.Coed Open1:00:25.9
604.539  Bringin' The Boom 1SyracuseUT525.Coed Open1:00:25.9
606.1100  POWERade Zero to Hero 1DraperUT31.Coed Corporate1:00:28.3
607.142  Running Girls... And The Men That Chase Them!1FarmingtonUT527.Coed Open1:00:32.3
608.880  Smith Family Misfits 1South JordanUT528.Coed Open1:00:33.0
609.620  Far From Normal 1South WeberUT529.Coed Open1:00:34.8
610.385  Team B.A.R.F. 1HerrimanUT530.Coed Open1:00:37.9
611.222  12 Legged Freaks 1HeberUT531.Coed Open1:00:50.8
612.388  Jail Breakers 1SyracuseUT532.Coed Open1:00:53.7
613.119  Ashweepay3 1RoyUT533.Coed Open1:01:00.4
614.1  Wannabes 1AftonWY534.Coed Open1:01:02.9
615.820  Sweaty or Not 1FarmingtonUT535.Coed Open1:01:04.3
616.504  The Pavement Pirates 1Park CityUT536.Coed Open1:01:09.4
617.972  Wii Not Fit 1West JordanUT537.Coed Open1:01:12.4
618.154  Butt-sweat & Tears 1Pleasant GroveUT37.Coed Submasters1:01:17.0
619.449  At Least We're Not At Work 1WellsvilleUT538.Coed Open1:01:19.1
620.932  Tater Trotters 1RexburgID539.Coed Open1:01:19.8
621.573  Do Hard Things 1LaytonUT540.Coed Open1:01:23.1
622.920  Bican 1LoganUT541.Coed Open1:01:23.7
623.631  The Roaming Gnomes 1FairviewWY542.Coed Open1:01:30.8
624.934  Racing Stripes 1RivertonUT543.Coed Open1:01:32.4
625.1103  Nwm 4 1ClearfieldUT544.Coed Open1:01:39.2
626.355  Got Yer Back 1GilbertAZ545.Coed Open1:01:48.1
627.315  Rather Be Golfing 1MendonUT546.Coed Open1:01:48.4
628.795  Brothers & Sisters 1BlandingUT547.Coed Open1:01:48.9
629.614  Chyrese's Pieces 1FarmingtonUT548.Coed Open1:01:51.0
630.456  DQ'd For Rule 10.E 1Salt Lake CityUT549.Coed Open1:01:51.5
631.220  Up In The Night 1BountifulUT550.Coed Open1:01:55.0
632.779  Gene Pool Lifeguards 1South WeberUT551.Coed Open1:01:57.5
633.800  Zombies Hate Fast Food 1TaylorsvilleUT552.Coed Open1:01:58.0
634.1087  Saving Bryan's Privates 1SandyUT553.Coed Open1:01:58.3
635.922  The WolfPack 1DraperUT554.Coed Open1:01:58.7
636.50  Lunch-pail Superheros 1HerrimanUT555.Coed Open1:02:03.9
637.1051  Hardscrabble Heroes 1MorganUT32.Coed Corporate1:02:04.5
638.290  Running Still !?! 1Heber CityUT556.Coed Open1:02:18.1
639.358  Rippin' It Up 1SandyUT557.Coed Open1:02:20.0
640.990  Canada vs Usa 1ClearfieldUT7.Coed Public Service1:02:26.3
641.806  The Bomb Dot Com 1MorganUT558.Coed Open1:02:28.7
642.917  Couples Retreat 1SandyUT559.Coed Open1:02:31.2
643.48  Up & Running 1South JordanUT560.Coed Open1:02:38.6
644.305  It Seemed Like A Good Idea at The Time1Heber CityUT561.Coed Open1:02:46.1
645.967  Hart Attacks 1ProvidenceUT562.Coed Open1:02:46.6
646.703  Flock of Seagulls 1OgdenUT563.Coed Open1:02:53.5
647.92  Dead Last 1Salt Lake CityUT564.Coed Open1:02:54.9
648.293  Recreational Hazard 1SlcUT565.Coed Open1:02:56.6
649.217  Cirque du Sore Legs 1North LoganUT566.Coed Open1:03:01.9
650.1077  Bringing Back The Beauville 1North LoganUT567.Coed Open1:03:04.2
651.291  Transformnow 1West JordanUT568.Coed Open1:03:05.9
652.147  The Running Bums 1MedfordMA569.Coed Open1:03:08.8
653.15  Mahana & The Uglies 1Mountain GreenUT570.Coed Open1:03:15.3
654.207  CTR-Crazy To Run 1GoshenUT571.Coed Open1:03:20.7
655.346  Still Running ... From Commitment1Washington TerraceUT572.Coed Open1:03:20.8
656.334  Wasatch Back Sliders 1Las VegasNV573.Coed Open1:03:21.5
657.716  Full Circle 1Salt Lake CityUT33.Coed Corporate1:03:22.6
658.1032  Teton Traders 1DraperUT574.Coed Open1:03:27.5
659.180  Rockstars 1OgdenUT575.Coed Open1:03:31.8
660.214  Don't Touch The Banana 1SyracuseUT38.Coed Submasters1:03:33.7
661.229  Super unNaturals 1Fruit HeightsUT576.Coed Open1:03:35.8
662.178  Where The Heck Are We? And How Did we Get Here?!1FarmingtonUT577.Coed Open1:03:41.5
663.1070  Sheer DetermiNation 1Woods CrossUT578.Coed Open1:03:45.1
664.102  Kenyan Junior Varsity 1ElwoodUT579.Coed Open1:03:46.5
665.603  Runnin' On Empty 1North Las VegasNV580.Coed Open1:03:58.0
666.549  Law And Disorderly Conduct 1American ForkUT8.Coed Public Service1:04:04.7
667.786  Valley Babefest 1EdenUT581.Coed Open1:04:18.4
668.63  Sneak on Bye 1Heber CityUT582.Coed Open1:04:22.3
669.891  Running Whole Core 1KamasUT34.Coed Corporate1:04:23.2
670.642  BootyChasers 1SurpriseAZ39.Coed Submasters1:04:27.2
671.970  Run2100.com 1RivertonUT583.Coed Open1:04:27.4
672.18  Wasatch My Back 1OremUT584.Coed Open1:04:27.7
673.155  Shoulda Bought Puts: Team of Sams1Salt Lake CityUT585.Coed Open1:04:28.7
674.548  Love The Run Your With 1SyracuseUT40.Coed Submasters1:04:31.3
675.1048  Run Piggies Run 1West JordanUT586.Coed Open1:04:34.7
676.757  Can't Touch This 1SyracuseUT587.Coed Open1:04:39.8
677.287  The Running A'ss 1NibleyUT588.Coed Open1:04:44.4
678.565  S&E 1BluffdaleUT589.Coed Open1:04:50.5
679.1042  Agony of DaFeet 1CentervilleUT590.Coed Open1:04:55.3
680.114  Cradle 2 The Grave 1Salt Lake CityUT591.Coed Open1:04:56.3
681.1109  S.W.A.T. - Speed Walkers And Trash Talkers1KaysvilleUT592.Coed Open1:05:07.6
682.831  Mcgruff Milers 1LaytonUT9.Coed Public Service1:05:08.4
683.900  Run Monkey Run 1SandyUT593.Coed Open1:05:10.4
684.1112  Granite Construction 1SlcUT41.Coed Submasters1:05:13.5
685.832  Wasatch You Talking About Willis1TigardOR42.Coed Submasters1:05:18.6
686.615  12 Monkeys 1OgdenUT594.Coed Open1:05:22.7
687.23  Shake 'n Bake 1PrestonID595.Coed Open1:05:24.2
688.1015  Family Friends And Fools 1RivertonUT596.Coed Open1:05:29.3
689.1058  St George Running Center 1St GeorgeUT597.Coed Open1:05:29.4
690.677  Porcupine Mud Quills 1WashingtonUT598.Coed Open1:05:29.8
691.55  Cereal Killers 1KaysvilleUT599.Coed Open1:05:38.7
692.1057  Lakeview Hospital 1 1KaysvilleUT35.Coed Corporate1:05:43.6
693.882  Gafanhotos 1PetersonUT600.Coed Open1:05:48.1
694.111  Oh My Heck! 1ErdaUT601.Coed Open1:05:48.2
695.219  On The Double 1South JordanUT602.Coed Open1:05:50.7
696.483  Stansbury Streakers 1Stansbury ParkUT603.Coed Open1:06:05.8
697.695  Gnome Liberation Front 1Salt Lake CityUT604.Coed Open1:06:07.4
698.597  Running For Afflicted War Heroes1South JordanUT605.Coed Open1:06:11.9
699.316  Canned Heat 1Eagle MountainUT606.Coed Open1:06:14.2
700.650  24 Buns And No Weenies 1MurrayUT607.Coed Open1:06:15.5
701.1097  What the Hill 1South JordanUT608.Coed Open1:06:31.0
702.919  2sure Turtles 1NibleyUT609.Coed Open1:06:37.0
703.782  Hot Ass-Phault Posse 1Salt Lake CityUT610.Coed Open1:06:43.4
704.495  Running Without A Full Deck 1OceansideCA611.Coed Open1:06:43.7
705.331  Run-a-ma-jigs 1RivertonUT612.Coed Open1:06:48.0
706.599  "V" Squad 1OgdenUT613.Coed Open1:07:09.3
707.661  Shh.....it Happens 1OgdenUT614.Coed Open1:07:14.7
708.1023  Runnin With The Family 1LehiUT615.Coed Open1:07:15.3
709.329  Long Road TO Margaritaville 1UintahUT616.Coed Open1:07:19.4
710.529  WIld Berry Bunch 1SandyUT617.Coed Open1:07:41.9
711.1031  Bucket List Brigade 1ChubbuckID618.Coed Open1:07:49.2
712.929  In-Sole Asylum 1MillcreekUT619.Coed Open1:07:52.4
713.1007  Just A Bunch of Stupid Kids 1LaytonUT620.Coed Open1:07:55.5
714.282  Window World Wieners 1Saratoga SpringsUT621.Coed Open1:07:58.9
715.625  Dead Man's Party 1South JordanUT622.Coed Open1:08:17.1
716.988  Red Hot Chilli Steppers 1RooseveltUT623.Coed Open1:08:20.2
717.576  Runnin' Wamodt's 1American ForkUT624.Coed Open1:08:23.5
718.637  Elwood's Army 1West JordanUT625.Coed Open1:08:26.2
719.896  The Alternates 1Mt HomeUT626.Coed Open1:08:53.6
720.910  Avanta Home Care 1LaytonUT36.Coed Corporate1:08:59.0
721.185  Path to Zero 1Salt Lake CityUT37.Coed Corporate1:09:10.3
722.187  Swassnar 1LaytonUT627.Coed Open1:09:21.4
723.1033  Did we Just Become Best Friends?!1BountifulUT628.Coed Open1:09:33.5
724.681  12 Runnin' Roadkill 1LindonUT629.Coed Open1:09:40.9
725.975  Project Runaways Season 2 1North LoganUT630.Coed Open1:09:42.7
726.49  Hooligans 3 Peat 1West Poi ntUT631.Coed Open1:09:49.2
727.733  Davies Group 1DraperUT632.Coed Open1:10:11.3
728.923  R.O.D.S. 1OverlakeUT633.Coed Open1:10:25.1
729.204  Redmond Rump Kickers 1Heber CityUT634.Coed Open1:10:30.1
730.668  Three Stags And A Herd of Nags 1RivertonUT635.Coed Open1:11:05.0
731.27  The Abusement Park 1S. OgdenUT636.Coed Open1:11:05.3
732.655  Team Cotton 1FarmingtonUT637.Coed Open1:11:08.6
733.218  The Wonder Nuggets 1Salt Lake CityUT638.Coed Open1:11:13.3
734.400  We're Not in Kansas Anymore ToTo1Salt Lake CityUT639.Coed Open1:11:17.4
735.987  Hurts Donut? 1ClintonUT640.Coed Open1:11:19.3
736.30  One by One 1LaytonUT641.Coed Open1:11:27.6
737.131  Retreads 1BrighamUT642.Coed Open1:11:34.7
738.158  Nut up or Shut up 1LaytonUT43.Coed Submasters1:11:56.0
739.763  Eikons of Running 1So WeberUT38.Coed Corporate1:12:07.8
740.998  Team = 1Salt Lake CityUT643.Coed Open1:12:17.6
741.221  Spankin Spatulas 1Park CityUT644.Coed Open1:12:43.5
742.60  Watch Your Six 1Salt Lake CityUT645.Coed Open1:13:58.3
743.1003  McDreamy And The Premies 1SandyUT646.Coed Open1:14:05.7
744.424  Ready to Run 1HighlandUT647.Coed Open1:14:12.9
745.993  Strip Tease 1FarmingtonUT39.Coed Corporate1:14:38.4
746.255  Team Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 1ClintonUT10.Coed Public Service1:14:54.2
747.836  Chafing More Tail 1West JordanUT648.Coed Open1:15:05.0
748.944  The Slowskys 1LoganUT649.Coed Open1:15:20.3
749.1093  Flight For The Fight 1AlbuquerqueNM650.Coed Open1:15:24.3
750.336  South Bench Warmers 1KaysvilleUT651.Coed Open1:15:48.6
751.976  Running Tid 1Salt Lake CityUT40.Coed Corporate1:16:09.3
752.1069  Run 4 Life 1ClintonUT652.Coed Open1:17:19.0
753.496  Guys Sweat. Girls Sparkle. 1Pleasant GroveUT653.Coed Open1:17:21.1
754.399  Clincally Insane Too! 1EdenUT654.Coed Open1:17:50.0
755.265  See Spots Run 3 1LoganUT655.Coed Open1:18:06.1
756.478  Hurry Up And FINISH! 1Farr WestUT656.Coed Open1:19:13.8
757.740  Survivors 1BurleyID657.Coed Open1:20:33.8
758.321  EARLy Runners 1FarmingtonUT658.Coed Open1:22:42.7
759.441  The One Hit Wonders 1DraperUT659.Coed Open1:23:55.6
760.232  Pimp My Stride 1OgdenUT660.Coed Open1:23:57.8
761.605  Mom's Cafe Muffin Tops 1Cedar CityUT661.Coed Open1:24:59.8
762.833  Old Mill Hooters 1Heber CityUT662.Coed Open1:41:59.4
763.839  Drinking Team With A Running Problem1Salt Lake CityUT663.Coed Open2:42:43.5

Coed Corporate
1.175  Wounds And Weans 1RivertonUT10.36:20.4
2.783  L-3 Ragnar Addicts 1BountifulUT13.37:07.9
3.468  U Ran I Am Depleted 1Woods CrossUT19.37:58.1
4.212  Family N Friends 1OgdenUT22.38:57.0
5.110  Rust-ee Joints 1Salt Lake CityUT74.43:32.1
6.981  Team Strong And Hanni 1DraperUT81.43:51.1
7.628  Encouragement BOOM! 1LaytonUT92.44:26.8
8.459  Jacobsen Construction Aches And Cranes 31Pine CanyonUT126.46:16.0
9.1037  Promotive.com 1Salt Lake CityUT127.46:20.0
10.765  JD Machine 1North OgdenUT129.46:25.5
11.189  JIM'S Gym 1RoyUT139.47:03.8
12.945  Bone Crushers 1Pleasant GroveUT186.48:19.9
13.256  Overhead Doors 1Woods CrossUT188.48:22.7
14.168  Here We Go Again 1HerrimanUT194.48:37.7
15.714  MonaVie Runners 1South JordanUT199.48:44.1
16.892  Fossil Fueled 1Salt Lake CityUT261.50:36.5
17.39  Advanced Title 1Salt Lake CityUT269.50:41.8
18.1014  Strip Tease Part 2 1KaysvilleUT305.51:37.8
19.156  Caselle 4.1 1SpringvilleUT311.51:44.3
20.895  Hands Across The Back 1Salt Lake CityUT312.51:47.2
21.1082  Winder Farms 1 1West ValleyUT328.52:08.5
22.542  Bank of Utah - The Money Macheen1North OgdenUT431.54:59.4
23.889  Rmao 1OgdenUT433.55:08.5
24.780  Norwesters Miners Not Whiners 1West ValleyUT482.56:28.8
25.211  Phat Asphalt 1ProvoUT485.56:37.5
26.434  Unforgettable Utes 1Salt Lake CityUT491.56:42.3
27.262  See Spots Run 1 1LoganUT493.56:44.1
28.461  Wincing Together 1Salt Lake CityUT550.58:25.8
29.873  The Bad Assets 1South JordanUT562.58:49.7
30.1029  Usoe 1HighlandUT578.59:35.4
31.1100  POWERade Zero to Hero 1DraperUT606.1:00:28.3
32.1051  Hardscrabble Heroes 1MorganUT637.1:02:04.5
33.716  Full Circle 1Salt Lake CityUT657.1:03:22.6
34.891  Running Whole Core 1KamasUT669.1:04:23.2
35.1057  Lakeview Hospital 1 1KaysvilleUT692.1:05:43.6
36.910  Avanta Home Care 1LaytonUT720.1:08:59.0
37.185  Path to Zero 1Salt Lake CityUT721.1:09:10.3
38.763  Eikons of Running 1So WeberUT739.1:12:07.8
39.993  Strip Tease 1FarmingtonUT745.1:14:38.4
40.976  Running Tid 1Salt Lake CityUT751.1:16:09.3

Coed Open
1.267  Run Baby Run 1LaytonUT1.26:56.6
2.28  R.S.H.F.- Run Strong Have Fun 1KaysvilleUT2.30:52.7
3.376  Wish we Were Runners 1SandyUT3.33:05.1
4.342  HotZing 1St. GeorgeUT4.33:14.7
5.226  Deliverin' Divas 1HighlandUT5.33:55.1
6.1024  Landsharks 1HeberUT6.34:11.4
7.191  Coachie And The "Freaks" III 1Stansbury ParkUT7.35:36.3
8.699  Adrenaline Junkies 1Salt Lake CityUT8.35:40.1
9.292  The Turbits 1MurrayUT9.36:16.7
10.314  Robbie's Relay 1ProvoUT11.36:37.3
11.662  Charging Green Horses 1Salt Lake CityUT12.37:02.3
12.19  Sure Steel 1MorganUT14.37:23.1
13.421  Kickin Asphalt And Breakin' Wind1West JordanUT16.37:41.2
14.79  Better Off Dead 1South JordanUT17.37:42.7
15.41  Collective Soles 1Salt Lake CityUT18.37:57.2
16.454  Team Milo 1SmithfieldUT20.37:58.7
17.5  Relay Melee 1LehiUT21.38:18.5
18.694  Running With The Bulls 1South JordanUT23.39:20.9
19.611  Jack Bauer For President 1FarmingtonUT24.39:21.2
20.313  Grove Trotters 1Pleasant GroveUT25.39:27.3
21.477  This Fat Guy Can Move 1LaytonUT26.39:41.0
22.645  Why Not? 1OgdenUT27.40:01.6
23.308  Dyin' To Run 1KearnsUT28.40:13.6
24.704  I AM Running 1Salt Lake CityUT29.40:17.6
25.553  Steepandcheap.com 1Park CityUT31.40:42.7
26.520  Team Jen #2 1SMithfieldUT32.40:43.4
27.455  Simplifile E-Recording 1Spanish ForkUT34.40:55.5
28.268  Medical Maniacs 1RivertonUT36.40:58.1
29.107  The Real Beastie Boys 1South JordanUT37.40:59.1
30.159  The Despicable Minions 1SpringvilleUT38.41:16.2
31.138  Baby Got Swack 1KaysvilleUT39.41:26.6
32.378  The Contenders 1SyracuseUT40.41:27.0
33.137  SWASS2 1OremUT41.41:33.5
34.132  The Fam Who Ran Too Little 1Salt LakeUT42.42:01.8
35.568  Franks&Beans&KrispyKremes 1MidvaleUT43.42:02.2
36.307  Team Name \ RagStock 1Park CityUT44.42:03.0
37.270  Run D&T 1Fruit HeightsUT46.42:07.9
38.667  Smack That Wasatch Back 1Saratoga SpringsUT47.42:19.9
39.521  St. John's Striders 1BensonUT48.42:20.1
40.40  Swag Pirates 1LoganUT49.42:28.9
41.871  The Pacemakers 1HerrimanUT50.42:32.9
42.876  Oilo 1LehiUT51.42:33.5
43.514  Leaders of The Back 1BountifulUT52.42:34.3
44.301  Risky Business 1Salt Lake CityUT53.42:41.7
45.933  Fire Breathin' Rubber Duckies 1Fruit HeightsUT54.42:43.0
46.332  The Van Your Van Could Smell Like1MesaAZ55.42:44.2
47.20  Its All Good 1S. OgdenUT56.42:51.0
48.412  Cfd 1St. GeorgeUT57.42:52.7
49.44  Johnson Jollies 1CentervilleUT58.42:53.7
50.846  Ragnasty 1Salt Lake CityUT59.43:05.1
51.913  Don't Drive Stupid 1UT60.43:07.2
52.323  Full Nelson 1HarrisvilleUT62.43:18.1
53.320  Charlie's Angels 1Spanish ForkUT63.43:19.3
54.45  Not A Scrub in The Bunch 1Salt Lake CityUT64.43:19.4
55.257  Henefer Swamp Rats 1HeneferUT65.43:20.4
56.215  Phat Bum Fighters 1FarmingtonUT66.43:20.7
57.689  Stripping Warriors II 1OremUT67.43:21.4
58.172  It Runs in The Family 1Salt Lake CityUT68.43:23.4
59.433  24 Giga Hurtz 1Saratoga SpringsUT69.43:25.2
60.216  Lactic Acid Droppers 1Salt Lake CityUT70.43:30.2
60.696  Something Wicked This Way Runs 1Salt Lake CityUT70.43:30.2
62.235  Treehouse Pediatrics 1River HeightsUT72.43:30.5
63.792  Alone At Last 1West JordanUT75.43:38.4
64.233  The Whole Fam Damily 1HerrimanUT76.43:38.7
65.823  Team Crazy Fit II 1ClearfieldUT77.43:44.9
66.299  Peep Killa'z 1SandyUT78.43:45.3
67.709  Team Jenna + Couple Others 1AntiochCA79.43:46.2
68.95  The Waterboys 1OgdenUT80.43:46.4
69.196  Smokin' Shoes 1South JordanUT82.44:01.7
70.8  WeRun4Fun 1ParadiseUT85.44:02.7
71.586  Tosh 1Woods CrossUT86.44:03.6
72.950  Full Moon 1OremUT88.44:07.1
73.1055  Starbucks Allstars 1HuntingtonbeachCA89.44:20.3
74.422  Team Ferguson 1Park CityUT91.44:23.6
75.369  Worn Souls 1La JollaCA93.44:27.0
76.688  Whatever 1HerrimanUT94.44:28.6
77.1105  Nwm 6 1HolladayUT95.44:30.4
78.516  Wynners 1N. OgdenUT96.44:39.6
79.238  Hoping For Hostile Heifers or Lightning1SalemUT97.44:47.8
80.418  Geneva Rock Products 1Pleasant GroveUT98.44:49.3
81.230  Help! I Ragged My Nar But I'm Catching Up!1North OgdenUT99.44:50.9
82.391  Ragnafarians 1ProvidenceUT100.44:54.1
83.1004  Running From Our Past 1Park CityUT101.44:54.3
84.319  I'd Rather Have A Root Canal 1BoiseID102.44:54.8
85.25  Positive Affirmations 1CentervilleUT104.45:09.7
86.854  Davis Flying Wings 1MaryvilleTN105.45:09.8
87.544  Lighthouse Research 1RivertonUT107.45:12.9
88.112  Pavement Pounders 1Salt Lake CityUT108.45:18.3
88.300  Straight Shooters 1AltadenaCA108.45:18.3
90.525  Spring Mobile 1Salt Lake CityUT110.45:20.3
91.58  Ryan's Hope & Charlie's Angels 1Stansbury ParkUT111.45:30.1
92.87  The Ruckus 1SandyUT112.45:32.2
93.901  Hot N Runny 1West JordanUT113.45:35.1
94.371  Dude Where is my Van? 1TaylorsvilleUT114.45:41.6
95.252  Singing IN The Pain 1CentervilleUT115.45:46.5
96.680  Eating Your Dust 1Salt Lake CityUT116.45:50.8
97.769  Live Rich 1LoganUT117.45:54.2
98.818  Stronger Than Hill 1AlpineUT118.45:54.4
99.1067  Wasatch Crossfit 1LaytonUT119.45:54.5
100.135  All in The Family 1VernalUT120.45:56.9
101.249  Ragnaragains 1OgdenUT121.45:59.3
102.32  Project Mayhem 1RoyUT122.46:01.8
103.1107  Nordic Track 6 1LoganUT123.46:13.3
104.618  Team Ford Running Against Cancer!!!1South JordanUT124.46:14.1
105.879  Is There An App For This? 1FolsomCA125.46:15.8
106.244  Aging Turtles 1DraperUT128.46:25.1
107.74  T&C Tire Factory 1HighlandUT130.46:31.1
108.850  Running on Empty 1ProvidenceUT131.46:32.3
109.286  Despicable We 1West JordanUT132.46:37.1
110.536  Funner Runners 1MorganUT133.46:38.0
111.674  Inlaws 1Fruit HeightsUT134.46:40.5
112.771  Up Chuck Norris 1SyracuseUT135.46:42.7
113.134  Runnin' on A Prayer 1MorganUT136.46:50.7
114.537  Worst Pace Scenario 1ProvidenceUT137.46:51.2
115.591  Picu De-stressors 1Salt Lake CityUT138.46:56.1
116.203  Sole Brothers 1KaysvilleUT140.47:04.3
117.206  Children's Miracle Network 1SandyUT141.47:04.5
118.81  Blazing Saddles 1SlcUT142.47:05.3
119.626  Dirty Thirty 1South JordanUT144.47:11.5
120.943  Another Bunch of Suckers 1SyracuseUT145.47:15.1
121.72  Plum Loco 1Salt Lake CityUT146.47:16.2
122.675  Highway 2 Hell Deuce 1West Valley CityUT147.47:17.9
123.1026  Hero Squad 1RivertonUT148.47:21.5
124.352  Team Ibuprofen 1LaytonUT149.47:22.4
125.186  Fantastic Fourth 1FarmingtonUT150.47:23.2
126.62  Team X-Treme 1South JordanUT151.47:23.6
127.939  Runnin' Fast n' Breakin' Wind 1OremUT152.47:24.2
128.791  Totally Rad Ragnar Runners 1North OgdenUT153.47:26.1
129.451  GynoGirls 1Salt Lake CityUT154.47:27.9
130.754  Dazed And Abused 1Salt Lake CityUT155.47:28.2
131.322  Hot Tamales 1GilbertAZ156.47:30.5
132.824  Disco Fever And Pain Relievers 1OgdenUT157.47:31.7
133.271  Not Bigger Just Badder 1Salt Lake CityUT159.47:34.2
134.304  Usain we Aint 1LoganUT160.47:34.7
135.1090  Nordic Track 3 1MidwayUT161.47:37.1
136.787  Run This Town 1BountifulUT163.47:38.5
137.140  Recycled Runners 1West JordanUT164.47:41.9
138.328  Rogue Runners 1DecaturGA165.47:43.1
138.742  Entourage 1West PointUT165.47:43.1
140.595  Scooters 1OgdenUT167.47:43.2
141.335  Oreo Speedwagon 1HolladayUT168.47:47.7
141.705  Sole Mates 1BountifulUT168.47:47.7
143.188  Quiltmytshirt.com 1SlcUT170.47:49.3
144.584  Stripping Warriors 1American ForkUT172.47:53.5
145.554  Check City 1OremUT173.47:58.0
146.649  Thong Distance Runners 1MidvaleUT174.48:04.4
147.1115  Eleven Runners And A Fat Guy 1SlcUT175.48:06.6
148.750  Drop Dead Dozen2 1SmithfieldUT176.48:06.9
149.810  Mayne 1Woods CrossUT177.48:08.6
150.173  The Mighty Quinns 1New CanaanCT178.48:13.0
151.741  Sanity Seekers 1West HavenUT179.48:13.3
152.1091  Nordic Track 4 1LoganUT180.48:14.9
153.493  Pure Gumby Cane 1RoyUT181.48:15.2
154.842  Getting The Run Around! 1South JordanUT182.48:16.3
155.918  Trail Dawgz 1OremUT183.48:17.7
156.533  Fire in The Hole 1KaysvilleUT184.48:18.7
157.524  Tortuga 1Salt Lake CityUT185.48:18.8
158.660  The Fast And The Furious 1Farr WestUT187.48:20.8
159.426  Run Away 1FarmingtonUT189.48:23.6
160.627  Angry Birds 1West JordanUT190.48:25.9
161.959  Patheadaches 1SandyUT191.48:26.5
162.380  "duh Winning" 1North Salt LakeUT192.48:27.6
163.634  The Heavy Breathers 1SunsetUT193.48:37.5
164.604  Caution 1Spanish ForkUT195.48:39.0
165.1019  Runnin' Retro 1HeberUT196.48:42.7
166.163  2 Legit 2 Quit 1RivertonUT197.48:42.9
167.683  Sole Asylum 1ArlingtonVA198.48:43.7
168.367  Einsteins 1San FranciscoCA200.48:46.0
169.639  Girls on The GLOW! 1NephiUT201.48:47.8
170.318  Wasatch Back to The Future 1Cedar HillsUT202.48:49.4
171.881  We Were Once Fat Kids 1KaysvilleUT203.48:50.8
172.686  Jugs And Thugs 1Twin FallsID204.48:55.5
173.395  Neon Nerds 1ProvoUT205.48:59.7
174.362  Should've Pulled Out 1SyracuseUT206.49:01.7
175.21  Take Luck 1FarmingtonUT207.49:05.4
176.374  Faster Than A Speeding Bullet 1LaytonUT208.49:05.5
177.914  Snowstorm 1KaysvilleUT209.49:06.5
178.250  El Equipo Miguel Grande 1KaysvilleUT210.49:07.2
179.76  Bmazda-btween A Rock And A Ragn Ragnar1BountifulUT211.49:08.1
180.1095  Red Hot Joggers 1RooseveltUT212.49:08.4
181.777  Ragnar Superfriends 1ClintonUT213.49:09.4
182.283  Cops And Robbers 1HerrimanUT214.49:10.2
183.7  Kaysville Kruisers 1KaysvilleUT215.49:15.3
184.1113  Friends With Benefits 1Park CityUT217.49:19.5
185.669  Pac 12 1Salt Lake CityUT218.49:19.6
186.205  Huge Mistake 1Spanish ForkUT219.49:19.7
187.519  Are We Finished Yet? 1SyracuseUT220.49:23.8
188.317  That's Some Rapid Thigh Movement1DraperUT221.49:24.9
189.924  Burninators 1CentervilleUT223.49:28.5
190.339  Lean Mean Fat Boy Burning Machine1West JordanUT224.49:31.1
191.415  Cho Mamas 1West JordanUT225.49:36.9
192.105  Team Delta Bravo 1North LoganUT226.49:41.6
193.676  Runs N Roses 1OrcuttCA227.49:43.1
194.176  Misfits 1LaytonUT228.49:46.8
195.36  we ve Still Got The Runs 1AlpineUT229.49:47.2
196.24  Pink Freud II 1LehiUT230.49:47.8
197.82  That Scotty Mac is A Fool 1North Salt LakeUT231.49:50.5
198.729  R.O.U.S. Runners of Unusual Speed1KaysvilleUT232.49:50.7
199.718  Inglorious Rastards 1West Valley CityUT233.49:51.4
200.1104  Nwm 5 1SlcUT234.49:56.4
201.278  Endorphins Make People Happy So? Up Yours1SyracuseUT235.49:57.9
202.94  Run Your Butt Off 1BountifulUT236.50:00.1
203.954  Thats What She Said 1Pleasant GroveUT238.50:03.3
204.4  Crop Dusters 1Pleasant GroveUT239.50:04.1
205.1072  Power Ragnars 1SandyUT240.50:07.0
206.165  Lindsay's Lopers 1StansburyUT241.50:13.3
207.17  Team Shake Weight 1FarmingtonUT242.50:13.6
208.644  RAGNARcoleptics 1FarmingtonUT243.50:13.9
209.957  Sore Feet 1Plain CityUT244.50:17.5
210.673  This is The Pace 1Cleveland HeightsOH245.50:18.0
211.337  On The RAG!! 1HerrimanUT247.50:18.4
212.691  F.A.R.T. 1MurrayUT248.50:18.6
213.52  Men-o-pause 1TooeleUT249.50:19.3
214.403  Threat Level Midnight 1SandyUT250.50:19.4
215.31  Chain Gang Pain Gain 1LaytonUT251.50:25.9
216.402  Team Rum Runners 1Salt Lake CityUT252.50:28.5
216.593  Lotopa 1MurrayUT252.50:28.5
218.1043  Whose Idea Was This? 1South JordanUT254.50:29.0
219.572  Cross The Country 1SlcUT255.50:29.2
220.564  Legally Dead V 1DraperUT256.50:30.5
221.127  The Den of Destruction 1LehiUT257.50:31.3
222.343  Naked Gumbies 1West HavenUT258.50:34.1
223.532  Running From Sin City 1Las VegasNV259.50:34.8
224.108  Bourne to Run 1HolladayUT260.50:36.4
225.994  Tighty Whities 1SmithfieldUT263.50:38.1
226.847  We Got The Runs 1KaysvilleUT264.50:38.8
227.574  Runnin' up Your Pass 1HerrimanUT265.50:40.3
228.672  Charlie's Angels 1New CanaanCT266.50:40.6
229.213  MV Reunited 1OremUT267.50:41.3
230.647  The Quantum Kamikazes 1Plain CityUT268.50:41.5
231.93  Stick This! 1MurrayUT271.50:42.7
232.298  Probably Your Next Kill 1NibleyUT272.50:43.2
233.359  Viking Flyers II 1New YorkNY273.50:45.3
234.890  HolySmokes 1ProvoUT274.50:46.2
235.480  Insomniacs With Running Problems1Brigham CityUT275.50:46.6
236.1012  Rockafellas 1LehiUT277.50:54.3
237.416  Hard Candy 1HolladayUT278.50:54.7
238.571  Run Like The Winded 2011 1FarmingtonUT279.50:56.3
239.33  Dirty Underwear Gang 1Saratoga SpringsUT281.51:01.0
240.77  Wild Kingdom 1Salt Lake CityUT282.51:01.3
241.12  Born To Run 1North Salt LakeUT284.51:02.4
242.113  Do It! Dew It! Did It! 1ProvidenceUT285.51:02.9
243.410  Atkin Family 1TooeleUT286.51:03.9
244.530  Breaking Wind aka:Team Bloody Nipples1South WeberUT287.51:05.8
245.558  Clyde Redeem Team 1OremUT288.51:06.3
246.764  There's no Crying at Ragnar!! 1KemmererWY289.51:11.3
247.999  Schulz Squad 1MillvilleUT290.51:12.1
248.1089  Fdic 1American ForkUT291.51:13.2
249.590  Random Runners 1AmmonID292.51:17.0
250.382  Dumb & Dumber 1LindonUT293.51:17.8
251.471  Reeking Havoc 1West JordanUT294.51:20.7
252.408  Run 2 Eat 1DraperUT295.51:20.8
253.1018  Kill-a-Watts 1LehiUT296.51:20.9
254.684  Original Wtf Where's The Finish1Park CityUT297.51:21.2
255.474  Gu'd 2 Go 1BluffdaleUT298.51:21.8
256.960  Leap Frog 1West JordanUT299.51:22.1
257.1108  Brett's Team 1Saratoga SpringsUT300.51:28.6
258.790  Haulin' Booty 1OremUT302.51:32.7
259.122  Run And Tell That Homeboy! 1SandyUT303.51:34.1
260.665  Out And Backs 1MorganUT304.51:35.4
261.799  "E" For Effort 1LaytonUT306.51:38.1
262.849  Hero 1FarmingtonUT307.51:38.5
263.515  Big Bumps Small Bumps so Many Bumps1Salt Lake CityUT308.51:39.1
264.272  Running Crazy 1AlpineUT309.51:40.6
265.273  Movers And Chafers 1LehiUT310.51:42.6
266.398  Work Safe Run Reckless 1MurrayUT313.51:47.3
267.243  Bros Before Hos 1Farr WestUT315.51:50.0
268.826  Burton Couples 1KaysvilleUT316.51:52.9
269.979  Rous 1WellsvilleUT317.51:53.5
270.874  Thirty Somethings 1LaytonUT318.51:55.5
271.470  Run Like You Stole It 1South JordanUT319.51:56.2
272.353  Dead On Balls Accurate - Aka Doba1DraperUT321.52:00.0
273.166  The Village People 1SandyUT323.52:02.6
274.1094  Nwm 1 1Salt Lake CityUT324.52:04.0
275.46  Ragnar- Just A 302K Fun Run 1West JordanUT325.52:04.3
276.559  Chaffers 1West Valley CityUT327.52:08.2
277.129  The Bod Squad 1BountifulUT329.52:17.1
278.54  Hoggan's Heroes 1LaytonUT330.52:21.2
279.721  The Good The Bad And The Ugly 1Salt Lake CityUT331.52:23.1
280.766  Bubbles Bunch 1GarlandUT333.52:27.0
281.856  Rlh 1West Valley CityUT334.52:27.5
282.68  Wash Your Undercarriage 1Salt Lake CityUT335.52:28.2
283.37  Something Weird Just Happened 1SyracuseUT336.52:28.4
284.589  Ventus 1MidvaleUT337.52:32.0
285.583  Road Kill Junkies 1ClearfieldUT338.52:32.2
286.310  Twisted Sisters 1TalmageUT339.52:32.5
287.179  4 we Can Run ! 1CentervilleUT340.52:35.1
287.772  Vandalay Industries 1Mountain GreenUT340.52:35.1
289.99  Drop Dead Dozen 1WellsvilleUT342.52:35.8
290.713  Sweet Cheeks 1LehiUT343.52:36.0
291.89  You Want me to Run What? 1RivertonUT345.52:39.1
292.201  Reese's Pieces 1ProvoUT346.52:40.0
293.276  Running Blind 1SyracuseUT347.52:41.7
294.552  Dogfunk.com 1Park CityUT348.52:45.4
295.1005  Doris' Dashing Dozen 1BountifulUT349.52:46.0
296.71  Loco Mojo 1CentervilleUT350.52:48.2
297.936  Children of The 80s 1Hyde ParkUT351.52:51.0
298.164  Akl Running 1West JordanUT352.52:52.1
299.748  *Sole* Train 1PrestonID353.52:54.0
300.386  We're Bringing Sweaty Back 1RoyUT354.52:54.5
301.1000  Stop TRAFFIC! 1West JordanUT355.52:54.6
302.118  The Monte Crew 1LaytonUT356.52:55.4
303.462  24 Feet to The Finish 1LaytonUT357.52:55.9
304.502  Take Two 1LehiUT358.52:56.7
305.1001  Hugh's Sofa Kingdom 1OgdenUT359.52:59.8
306.260  Race CrAzY 1West PointUT360.53:00.4
307.324  Average Joes 1KaysvilleUT361.53:02.0
308.280  Forever Bones 1HarrisvilleUT362.53:03.5
309.825  Runnin Ragged 1North OgdenUT363.53:04.8
310.289  Running For Presidents 1West Valley CityUT364.53:20.4
311.1040  Mountain Land Rehabilitation 1LaytonUT365.53:20.5
312.1002  Wright Rebels 1DraperUT366.53:23.1
313.231  Holy SchNikes! 1Saratoga SpringsUT367.53:23.3
314.88  Bloodbath & Beyond 1OgdenUT368.53:23.7
315.602  Sweaty Soles 1Salt Lake CityUT369.53:27.3
316.773  Running Behind 1NibleyUT370.53:28.7
317.503  Ragnardagains 1LoganUT371.53:29.8
318.930  Rustic Rebels 1SandyUT373.53:31.9
319.868  Becky's Boot Camp Crew 1LaytonUT374.53:33.0
320.1047  Modern Utah Family 1North Salt LakeUT375.53:33.5
321.523  Reason 2 Run 1TooeleUT376.53:33.8
322.144  ToeJammers 1LaytonUT377.53:36.0
323.97  Run'n Till We Die 1RivertonUT378.53:36.6
324.26  Bear Lake Monsters 1SyracuseUT379.53:37.1
325.511  The Viking Flyers 1New YorkNY380.53:40.6
326.767  Inglorious Ragsters 1West JordanUT381.53:42.7
327.510  We've Got The Runs 1FarmingtonUT382.53:44.5
328.778  Where's The Shortcut? 1NibleyUT383.53:45.8
329.333  Unlimited JUICE? 1Cedar ParkTX384.53:46.2
330.443  Where's The Water? 1FarmingtonUT385.53:46.9
331.344  Oblivious Pavement Pirates 1RiverdaleUT386.53:50.5
332.912  Easy Kill 1Saratoga SpringsUT387.53:50.9
333.670  Wannabees 1FarmingtonUT388.53:52.8
334.862  Rush Run Until it Stops Hurting1West JordanUT389.53:53.8
335.963  This is Our Vacation 1West JordanUT390.53:54.1
336.446  Some Train Some Gain...but we All Came!1MorganUT391.53:55.1
337.295  Saints & Sinners 1Idaho FallsID392.53:55.5
338.423  21 Kids Later... 1NslUT393.53:55.6
339.942  Snake Bite 1Salt Lake CiryUT394.53:58.1
340.804  The Lamebodies 1HerrimanUT395.53:59.1
341.59  Ragnarly to The Bone 1MurrayUT396.53:59.5
342.14  Best Vinyl 1SalemUT398.54:00.8
343.726  Succors For Punishment 1FarmingtonUT400.54:03.7
344.264  Marv Again 1BountifulUT401.54:04.6
345.1102  NWM-Edgewood Group Team 1ProvoUT402.54:07.7
346.464  Project Runaway 1DraperUT403.54:08.5
347.341  Ranches Rough Riders - Women 1FarmingtonUT404.54:10.0
348.893  The Team Who Must Not Be Named 1Salt Lake CityUT405.54:12.0
349.640  Where's Ragnar? 1ClearfieldUT406.54:14.0
350.444  Sweaty Chix & Cool Dudes 1MapletonUT408.54:17.0
351.781  Got Runs? 1West JordanUT409.54:19.0
352.225  Gym Class Heroes 1DraperUT411.54:21.7
353.148  Time Wounds All Heels 1South JordanUT412.54:26.9
354.1101  Wiscombe 1LaytonUT413.54:28.0
355.130  Gpp Fit 1KaysvilleUT414.54:28.8
356.682  Dude Where's my Van? 1West JordanUT415.54:33.0
357.473  Just Fast Enough 1SandyUT416.54:33.5
358.1035  Ragnarcisists 1EphraimUT417.54:33.7
359.169  Bootso 1Salt Lake CityUT418.54:36.5
360.563  Insane in The Brain 1OremUT420.54:44.2
361.236  We Got Drugs 4 That 1KaysvilleUT421.54:45.5
362.330  Sofa King Awesome Runners 1GlendaleAZ422.54:46.5
363.550  Team Beaver 1LewistonUT423.54:49.0
364.251  Asa...p? 1Salt Lake CityUT424.54:51.4
365.762  Just A Cough...TaDa! 1FarmingtonUT425.54:53.1
366.487  Eat Our Rust! 1BountifulUT426.54:53.6
367.494  Clinically Insane 1OgdenUT428.54:55.1
368.460  Team 333 (only 1/2 Bad) 1South JordanUT429.54:57.7
369.551  Backcountry.com 1Park CityUT430.54:58.1
370.657  It Ain't Workin' 1Salt Lake CityUT432.55:03.4
371.209  If We Weren't All Crazy We Would Go Insane1ProvidenceUT434.55:13.6
372.228  Bringin' up The Beer 1SyracuseUT435.55:14.6
373.617  Hicks & Chicks 1OgdenUT436.55:15.7
374.723  Ultra + 6 1FarmingtonUT437.55:16.9
375.368  Sore 4 Sure 1ClearfieldUT438.55:18.6
375.1008  It's A Long Hard Pull 1SalinaUT438.55:18.6
377.863  Go Fish! 1Salt Lake CityUT440.55:20.1
378.638  Teton Running 1AmmonID441.55:20.9
379.982  Still Running to Find A Date For Shane1HarrisvilleUT442.55:22.8
380.751  Moosen 1North Salt LakeUT443.55:25.2
381.736  Briskopher Walken 1BoiseID444.55:27.4
382.1006  Team 61 Stop TRAFFIC! 1DraperUT445.55:28.0
383.788  Beware The Penguins 1MidvaleUT446.55:28.9
384.11  Shay's Team 1LoganUT447.55:29.5
385.167  Bottom of The Barrel 1MidwayUT448.55:30.8
386.513  JT3 Range Rats 1South WeberUT449.55:33.2
387.666  No Bueno 1SyracuseUT450.55:33.8
388.971  The A-Team 1LehiUT451.55:35.2
389.697  The Team That Must Not be Named1Salt Lake CityUT452.55:36.3
390.61  The Young And The Wreckless 1HolladayUT453.55:37.0
391.125  Army of Run 1SyracuseUT454.55:40.8
392.785  Eggs 1SyracuseUT456.55:46.5
393.546  Bearnson & Caldwell 1MillvilleUT457.55:46.7
394.973  Big Sexy 1OgdenUT458.55:47.3
395.123  Leave It All Behind 1Salt Lake CityUT459.55:48.3
396.104  Captain Colon 1Salt Lake CityUT460.55:49.2
396.646  Hot-Mess Express 1MidvaleUT460.55:49.2
398.354  Thanksgiving Point Dental 1DraperUT462.55:50.7
398.977  Bad Andersons- Kickin-it "A" Style1American ForkUT462.55:50.7
400.338  Team Nacnud 1OremUT464.55:59.2
401.197  Abcdefg 1Woods CrossUT465.56:01.0
402.727  AnniHILLators 1West PointUT466.56:05.5
403.247  Girls Just Wanna Run 1SlcUT467.56:06.2
404.658  The Runzz 1American ForkUT468.56:06.5
405.737  Sole Meets Body 1HerrimanUT469.56:07.1
406.886  The Knobs 1ProvidenceUT470.56:08.0
407.663  Eradicare Roachrunners 1OgdenUT471.56:09.8
408.653  Dam Runners 1Salt Lake CityUT472.56:10.5
409.1020  Alpine Running Crew 1SmithfieldUT473.56:13.0
410.555  WhiskeyMilitia.com 1Park CityUT474.56:14.3
411.181  Twelve I's 1FarmingtonUT475.56:15.7
412.749  Baby Steppin' It 1FarmingtonUT476.56:16.2
413.13  Definition of Insanity 1RivertonUT477.56:16.3
414.237  Weeseter Bunnies 1River HeightsUT478.56:19.4
415.797  I.T. Bandits 1NibleyUT479.56:22.4
416.162  Run Like The Winded 1BountifulUT480.56:26.0
417.701  Stone Creek Stoners 1BountifulUT481.56:28.5
418.90  Up in The Night 1SyracuseUT483.56:30.6
419.258  We're Back! 1BountifulUT486.56:37.6
420.98  Western Family 1CokevilleWY487.56:37.8
421.100  Uncle Sam's Running Company 1VernalUT488.56:38.7
422.128  Keep It Jigglin' 1Salt Lake CityUT489.56:40.9
423.120  Scorpion Death Strike 1Salt Lake CityUT490.56:41.2
424.440  Shut Up And Run! 1SyracuseUT492.56:42.8
425.598  Fast & Furious 1SantaquinUT494.56:47.3
426.1011  Running Off at The Mouth 1Salt Lake CityUT495.56:47.9
427.958  It Hurts So Good 1Salt Lake CityUT496.56:49.5
428.843  South Jordan Slackers 1South JordanUT497.56:50.9
429.42  The Joneses 1RivertonUT498.56:51.7
430.985  Wild Soles Kickin Asphalt 1HyrumUT499.56:53.2
431.475  Wind Suckers 1River HeightsUT500.56:53.3
432.796  Road Kill Cafe 1BrighamUT501.56:53.7
433.35  Loco Lugnuts 1WanshipUT502.56:54.6
434.263  For The Love of Chafing 1RivertonUT503.56:56.7
435.619  Party In A Van 1Salt Lake CityUT504.57:00.4
436.139  Rage Against The Mountain 1SandyUT505.57:00.6
437.1099  Nwm 3 1Salt Lake CityUT506.57:01.3
438.245  Craig's Crusaders 1Park CityUT508.57:06.0
439.1068  Nordic Track 1 1Brigham CityUT509.57:08.2
440.492  Sibling Rivalry 1Brigham CityUT510.57:12.0
441.802  Speedy Turtles 2 1HyrumUT511.57:12.9
442.297  Noody Blipples & Chanal Affin' 1SyracuseUT512.57:15.3
443.815  Running on MT 1West JordanUT513.57:16.5
444.294  NO Idea 1LehiUT514.57:17.9
445.770  One Mile At A Time 1RiverdaleUT515.57:20.0
446.980  Run And Not Be Weary 1HighlandUT516.57:20.4
447.277  I'd Rather be Golfing! 1Brigham CityUT517.57:21.3
448.1027  Generation Suicide 1Sherman OaksCA518.57:22.2
449.430  Significant Deficiencies 1KearnsUT519.57:23.2
450.547  Protruding Manholes 1HerrimanUT520.57:32.1
451.285  Loveless Lunatics 1EugeneOR521.57:36.0
452.146  Ragnar Runners Do It 3 Times A Day1West JordanUT522.57:39.3
453.190  Project Runway Far 1SyracuseUT523.57:39.6
454.392  Anchorvan 1Cedar HillsUT524.57:42.1
454.717  Leather Lungs And Jog Bras 1SandyUT524.57:42.1
456.161  HH 1Saratoga SpringsUT526.57:44.3
457.1098  Ludicrous Speed 1WaddellAZ528.57:44.7
458.1084  Sprint #2 1DraperUT529.57:50.7
459.34  Scrambled Legs And Achin' 1Pleasant GroveUT530.57:54.1
460.227  Cnm 1SlcUT531.57:55.7
461.1088  Doctor Dave's Dozen Dudes & Dudettes A.K.A. D51HerrimanUT532.57:58.2
462.814  Fetched Runners 1South WeberUT534.57:59.2
463.543  Honey Bucket Hoppers 2 1TremontonUT535.58:00.3
464.817  Rich's Pulmonary Pacers 1Brigham CityUT536.58:00.4
464.1116  Team Jen 1SmithfieldUT536.58:00.4
466.585  Stephanie's Team 1BountifulUT538.58:01.0
467.712  The River Ratz 1Salt Lake CityUT539.58:01.9
468.224  Reno 911 1AlgodonesNM540.58:03.4
469.907  OB/GY am I Running? 1West JordanUT541.58:05.8
470.1021  Race Judicata 1DraperUT542.58:07.6
471.1045  Fostersize 1SilverdaleWA543.58:10.1
472.623  Team Barnyard 1MagnaUT544.58:10.8
473.1060  Ragnerds 1American ForkUT545.58:16.6
474.467  The Quad Squad 1Woods CrossUT546.58:17.9
475.484  Drug Runners 1West JordanUT547.58:18.4
476.904  Hack The Back 1Happy ValleyOR548.58:21.6
477.73  Squirrel Bait 1Brigham CityUT549.58:24.0
478.266  All Laced Up 1Salt Lake CityUT551.58:28.1
479.692  Crazy Runs In The Family 1LoganUT552.58:28.4
480.878  The TBDs 1UT553.58:36.7
481.1114  Espn - Wasatch Back 1West HartfordCT554.58:38.0
482.195  Tapering Since Thanksgiving 1Cedar HillsUT555.58:39.6
483.527  Meatus Inc 1BountifulUT556.58:42.2
484.725  Team Super Cool 1PerryUT557.58:43.3
485.759  Run4Fun 1HerrimanUT559.58:44.3
486.38  Elinors Team 1FarmingtonUT560.58:45.8
487.738  Running Just As Fast As We Can 1Salt Lake CityAL561.58:49.6
488.379  Blister Poppers 1CentervilleUT563.58:51.6
489.259  Bless Our Soles 1LehiUT565.58:54.4
490.541  Honey Bucket Hoppers 1 1TremontonUT566.58:54.5
491.184  Damn-Soles in Distress 1MorganUT567.59:00.1
492.106  Swass Talkers 1HighlandUT568.59:03.7
493.1076  Breasties And Testies 1LoganUT569.59:04.5
494.141  Mixed Nuts! 1LapointUT570.59:05.7
495.476  The Wakestaz 1OgdenUT571.59:07.7
496.248  Chuck Norris Fan Club 1ClearfieldUT572.59:07.8
497.126  Seriously 1Park CityUT573.59:10.1
498.401  Run. Pillage. Plunder 1River HeightsUT574.59:14.4
499.996  Bouncing Boobies Nuts & Ies1BountifulUT575.59:19.3
500.377  Boneheads 1WashingtonUT576.59:29.0
501.364  The Beauties And The Foodies 1SandyUT577.59:29.9
502.75  Oh The Places You'll Go 1Woods CrossUT579.59:36.9
503.375  We do Run Run Run we do Run Run1MurrayUT580.59:38.1
504.447  Now You C us...Now You Still C us1West JordanUT581.59:38.3
505.952  Uvgottobekidnme 1NibleyUT582.59:39.1
506.852  Cloudy With A Chance of Ninjas 1RivertonUT583.59:41.4
507.641  Team Kerkmann 1Salt Lake CityUT585.59:46.6
508.407  Happy Feet :) 1KaysvilleUT586.59:48.9
509.303  Blisters in The Sun 1Salt Lake CityUT587.59:49.2
510.1110  In Honor of Birthdays 1DraperUT588.59:52.6
511.531  Hard Day's Night 1LehiUT589.59:53.8
512.905  Check Out Our Butt Lights 1LaytonUT590.59:54.6
513.968  Running From Sanchez 1Salt Lake CityUT591.59:59.4
514.340  The Grand Cru 1Salt Lake CityUT592.1:00:01.6
514.406  Bad Assphalt 1RivertonUT592.1:00:01.6
516.710  Running to Stand Still 1HolladayUT594.1:00:05.5
517.500  Basin Wreckers 1Park CityUT595.1:00:10.6
518.96  Evolo 1RivertonUT597.1:00:15.2
519.469  Bonneville Sloths 1Salt Lake CityUT598.1:00:15.4
520.898  Muscle Burners 1RivertonUT599.1:00:17.1
521.51  Adrenaline 1West BountifulUT600.1:00:17.8
522.805  The Lollygaggers 1ClearfieldUT601.1:00:19.0
523.827  Like They do it Downtown! 1Saratoga SpringsUT602.1:00:22.0
524.588  Till We Collapse... 1LehiUT603.1:00:25.6
525.91  Shaka Laka 1ClearfieldUT604.1:00:25.9
525.539  Bringin' The Boom 1SyracuseUT604.1:00:25.9
527.142  Running Girls... And The Men That Chase Them!1FarmingtonUT607.1:00:32.3
528.880  Smith Family Misfits 1South JordanUT608.1:00:33.0
529.620  Far From Normal 1South WeberUT609.1:00:34.8
530.385  Team B.A.R.F. 1HerrimanUT610.1:00:37.9
531.222  12 Legged Freaks 1HeberUT611.1:00:50.8
532.388  Jail Breakers 1SyracuseUT612.1:00:53.7
533.119  Ashweepay3 1RoyUT613.1:01:00.4
534.1  Wannabes 1AftonWY614.1:01:02.9
535.820  Sweaty or Not 1FarmingtonUT615.1:01:04.3
536.504  The Pavement Pirates 1Park CityUT616.1:01:09.4
537.972  Wii Not Fit 1West JordanUT617.1:01:12.4
538.449  At Least We're Not At Work 1WellsvilleUT619.1:01:19.1
539.932  Tater Trotters 1RexburgID620.1:01:19.8
540.573  Do Hard Things 1LaytonUT621.1:01:23.1
541.920  Bican 1LoganUT622.1:01:23.7
542.631  The Roaming Gnomes 1FairviewWY623.1:01:30.8
543.934  Racing Stripes 1RivertonUT624.1:01:32.4
544.1103  Nwm 4 1ClearfieldUT625.1:01:39.2
545.355  Got Yer Back 1GilbertAZ626.1:01:48.1
546.315  Rather Be Golfing 1MendonUT627.1:01:48.4
547.795  Brothers & Sisters 1BlandingUT628.1:01:48.9
548.614  Chyrese's Pieces 1FarmingtonUT629.1:01:51.0
549.456  DQ'd For Rule 10.E 1Salt Lake CityUT630.1:01:51.5
550.220  Up In The Night 1BountifulUT631.1:01:55.0
551.779  Gene Pool Lifeguards 1South WeberUT632.1:01:57.5
552.800  Zombies Hate Fast Food 1TaylorsvilleUT633.1:01:58.0
553.1087  Saving Bryan's Privates 1SandyUT634.1:01:58.3
554.922  The WolfPack 1DraperUT635.1:01:58.7
555.50  Lunch-pail Superheros 1HerrimanUT636.1:02:03.9
556.290  Running Still !?! 1Heber CityUT638.1:02:18.1
557.358  Rippin' It Up 1SandyUT639.1:02:20.0
558.806  The Bomb Dot Com 1MorganUT641.1:02:28.7
559.917  Couples Retreat 1SandyUT642.1:02:31.2
560.48  Up & Running 1South JordanUT643.1:02:38.6
561.305  It Seemed Like A Good Idea at The Time1Heber CityUT644.1:02:46.1
562.967  Hart Attacks 1ProvidenceUT645.1:02:46.6
563.703  Flock of Seagulls 1OgdenUT646.1:02:53.5
564.92  Dead Last 1Salt Lake CityUT647.1:02:54.9
565.293  Recreational Hazard 1SlcUT648.1:02:56.6
566.217  Cirque du Sore Legs 1North LoganUT649.1:03:01.9
567.1077  Bringing Back The Beauville 1North LoganUT650.1:03:04.2
568.291  Transformnow 1West JordanUT651.1:03:05.9
569.147  The Running Bums 1MedfordMA652.1:03:08.8
570.15  Mahana & The Uglies 1Mountain GreenUT653.1:03:15.3
571.207  CTR-Crazy To Run 1GoshenUT654.1:03:20.7
572.346  Still Running ... From Commitment1Washington TerraceUT655.1:03:20.8
573.334  Wasatch Back Sliders 1Las VegasNV656.1:03:21.5
574.1032  Teton Traders 1DraperUT658.1:03:27.5
575.180  Rockstars 1OgdenUT659.1:03:31.8
576.229  Super unNaturals 1Fruit HeightsUT661.1:03:35.8
577.178  Where The Heck Are We? And How Did we Get Here?!1FarmingtonUT662.1:03:41.5
578.1070  Sheer DetermiNation 1Woods CrossUT663.1:03:45.1
579.102  Kenyan Junior Varsity 1ElwoodUT664.1:03:46.5
580.603  Runnin' On Empty 1North Las VegasNV665.1:03:58.0
581.786  Valley Babefest 1EdenUT667.1:04:18.4
582.63  Sneak on Bye 1Heber CityUT668.1:04:22.3
583.970  Run2100.com 1RivertonUT671.1:04:27.4
584.18  Wasatch My Back 1OremUT672.1:04:27.7
585.155  Shoulda Bought Puts: Team of Sams1Salt Lake CityUT673.1:04:28.7
586.1048  Run Piggies Run 1West JordanUT675.1:04:34.7
587.757  Can't Touch This 1SyracuseUT676.1:04:39.8
588.287  The Running A'ss 1NibleyUT677.1:04:44.4
589.565  S&E 1BluffdaleUT678.1:04:50.5
590.1042  Agony of DaFeet 1CentervilleUT679.1:04:55.3
591.114  Cradle 2 The Grave 1Salt Lake CityUT680.1:04:56.3
592.1109  S.W.A.T. - Speed Walkers And Trash Talkers1KaysvilleUT681.1:05:07.6
593.900  Run Monkey Run 1SandyUT683.1:05:10.4
594.615  12 Monkeys 1OgdenUT686.1:05:22.7
595.23  Shake 'n Bake 1PrestonID687.1:05:24.2
596.1015  Family Friends And Fools 1RivertonUT688.1:05:29.3
597.1058  St George Running Center 1St GeorgeUT689.1:05:29.4
598.677  Porcupine Mud Quills 1WashingtonUT690.1:05:29.8
599.55  Cereal Killers 1KaysvilleUT691.1:05:38.7
600.882  Gafanhotos 1PetersonUT693.1:05:48.1
601.111  Oh My Heck! 1ErdaUT694.1:05:48.2
602.219  On The Double 1South JordanUT695.1:05:50.7
603.483  Stansbury Streakers 1Stansbury ParkUT696.1:06:05.8
604.695  Gnome Liberation Front 1Salt Lake CityUT697.1:06:07.4
605.597  Running For Afflicted War Heroes1South JordanUT698.1:06:11.9
606.316  Canned Heat 1Eagle MountainUT699.1:06:14.2
607.650  24 Buns And No Weenies 1MurrayUT700.1:06:15.5
608.1097  What the Hill 1South JordanUT701.1:06:31.0
609.919  2sure Turtles 1NibleyUT702.1:06:37.0
610.782  Hot Ass-Phault Posse 1Salt Lake CityUT703.1:06:43.4
611.495  Running Without A Full Deck 1OceansideCA704.1:06:43.7
612.331  Run-a-ma-jigs 1RivertonUT705.1:06:48.0
613.599  "V" Squad 1OgdenUT706.1:07:09.3
614.661  Shh.....it Happens 1OgdenUT707.1:07:14.7
615.1023  Runnin With The Family 1LehiUT708.1:07:15.3
616.329  Long Road TO Margaritaville 1UintahUT709.1:07:19.4
617.529  WIld Berry Bunch 1SandyUT710.1:07:41.9
618.1031  Bucket List Brigade 1ChubbuckID711.1:07:49.2
619.929  In-Sole Asylum 1MillcreekUT712.1:07:52.4
620.1007  Just A Bunch of Stupid Kids 1LaytonUT713.1:07:55.5
621.282  Window World Wieners 1Saratoga SpringsUT714.1:07:58.9
622.625  Dead Man's Party 1South JordanUT715.1:08:17.1
623.988  Red Hot Chilli Steppers 1RooseveltUT716.1:08:20.2
624.576  Runnin' Wamodt's 1American ForkUT717.1:08:23.5
625.637  Elwood's Army 1West JordanUT718.1:08:26.2
626.896  The Alternates 1Mt HomeUT719.1:08:53.6
627.187  Swassnar 1LaytonUT722.1:09:21.4
628.1033  Did we Just Become Best Friends?!1BountifulUT723.1:09:33.5
629.681  12 Runnin' Roadkill 1LindonUT724.1:09:40.9
630.975  Project Runaways Season 2 1North LoganUT725.1:09:42.7
631.49  Hooligans 3 Peat 1West Poi ntUT726.1:09:49.2
632.733  Davies Group 1DraperUT727.1:10:11.3
633.923  R.O.D.S. 1OverlakeUT728.1:10:25.1
634.204  Redmond Rump Kickers 1Heber CityUT729.1:10:30.1
635.668  Three Stags And A Herd of Nags 1RivertonUT730.1:11:05.0
636.27  The Abusement Park 1S. OgdenUT731.1:11:05.3
637.655  Team Cotton 1FarmingtonUT732.1:11:08.6
638.218  The Wonder Nuggets 1Salt Lake CityUT733.1:11:13.3
639.400  We're Not in Kansas Anymore ToTo1Salt Lake CityUT734.1:11:17.4
640.987  Hurts Donut? 1ClintonUT735.1:11:19.3
641.30  One by One 1LaytonUT736.1:11:27.6
642.131  Retreads 1BrighamUT737.1:11:34.7
643.998  Team = 1Salt Lake CityUT740.1:12:17.6
644.221  Spankin Spatulas 1Park CityUT741.1:12:43.5
645.60  Watch Your Six 1Salt Lake CityUT742.1:13:58.3
646.1003  McDreamy And The Premies 1SandyUT743.1:14:05.7
647.424  Ready to Run 1HighlandUT744.1:14:12.9
648.836  Chafing More Tail 1West JordanUT747.1:15:05.0
649.944  The Slowskys 1LoganUT748.1:15:20.3
650.1093  Flight For The Fight 1AlbuquerqueNM749.1:15:24.3
651.336  South Bench Warmers 1KaysvilleUT750.1:15:48.6
652.1069  Run 4 Life 1ClintonUT752.1:17:19.0
653.496  Guys Sweat. Girls Sparkle. 1Pleasant GroveUT753.1:17:21.1
654.399  Clincally Insane Too! 1EdenUT754.1:17:50.0
655.265  See Spots Run 3 1LoganUT755.1:18:06.1
656.478  Hurry Up And FINISH! 1Farr WestUT756.1:19:13.8
657.740  Survivors 1BurleyID757.1:20:33.8
658.321  EARLy Runners 1FarmingtonUT758.1:22:42.7
659.441  The One Hit Wonders 1DraperUT759.1:23:55.6
660.232  Pimp My Stride 1OgdenUT760.1:23:57.8
661.605  Mom's Cafe Muffin Tops 1Cedar CityUT761.1:24:59.8
662.833  Old Mill Hooters 1Heber CityUT762.1:41:59.4
663.839  Drinking Team With A Running Problem1Salt Lake CityUT763.2:42:43.5

Coed Public Service
1.730  The Quorum of The 12 Runners 1LaytonUT83.44:02.5
2.556  Human Test Subjects 1TooeleUT87.44:03.7
3.577  Exceptional My Ass! 1LaytonUT106.45:12.6
4.239  Here For The Scenery 1OremUT216.49:18.6
5.884  Spread 'em We're Here to Help! 1NslUT407.54:14.5
6.902  Moorefit 1ClintonUT419.54:37.9
7.990  Canada vs Usa 1ClearfieldUT640.1:02:26.3
8.549  Law And Disorderly Conduct 1American ForkUT666.1:04:04.7
9.831  Mcgruff Milers 1LaytonUT682.1:05:08.4
10.255  Team Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 1ClintonUT746.1:14:54.2

Coed Masters
1.436  What The Fox! 1ValenciaCA45.42:05.8
2.715  Spanish Fork Running Club 2 1Spanish ForkUT84.44:02.6
3.616  Trout Slap 1GenolaUT276.50:48.1

Coed Submasters
1.1038  Magnum PRs 130.40:39.8
2.888  Couples Therapy 1WashingtonUT35.40:56.2
3.706  Thunder Cats 1Saratoga SpringsUT61.43:17.6
4.992  Don't Punch My Car! 1LehiUT73.43:31.8
5.837  The Draper Swingers 1DraperUT90.44:22.3
6.200  50% Nuts 1Park CityUT103.45:03.5
7.1022  Blood Sweat And Beers 1Salt Lake CityUT143.47:11.3
8.357  Crack-O-Dawners 1OremUT158.47:33.4
9.1056  Never A Little Behind 1PerryUT161.47:37.1
10.834  Rush 1West PointUT171.47:52.3
11.643  A Bad Case of The Runs 1ShelleyID222.49:26.7
12.490  11 Runners And A Bald Guy Named Dan1LaytonUT237.50:03.2
13.522  Omega Xtreme 1MapletonUT246.50:18.1
14.327  Sin City Saints 1Las VegasNV262.50:38.0
15.326  Slow And Steady....like A Rock 1MendonUT270.50:42.0
16.1017  They Think I Don't Know A bu Ttload of Crap About Running B1Pleasant ViewUT280.51:00.4
17.698  Can You Beer me Now? 1West HavenUT282.51:01.3
18.857  Subway 'Put A Foot in Their Mouths'1SandyUT301.51:29.1
19.64  Vicious & Delicious 1HighlandUT314.51:49.9
20.747  Running Native 1ProvoUT320.51:58.6
21.1046  Phantom Menace 1RivertonUT322.52:00.8
22.512  Trading Paces 1Salt Lake CityUT326.52:05.8
23.887  Jogermeisters 1OgdenUT332.52:26.2
24.909  Red Clover Watches 1ProvoUT344.52:39.0
25.822  Team Shocker 1North OgdenUT397.54:00.2
26.768  I'd Rather Be Drinking A Diet Coke1MidvaleUT399.54:01.7
27.69  Team 69 1RivertonUT410.54:21.2
28.1078  Farfromthevanagain 1Park CityUT427.54:54.3
29.499  SoCal Nightmares 1San DiegoCA455.55:44.0
30.656  Sotw 1FarmingtonUT484.56:35.2
31.561  Thresher's RV Crew 1American ForkUT507.57:02.0
32.103  2 Days And Confused 1Salt Lake CityUT527.57:44.5
33.949  Running Half-Fast 1West Valley CityUT533.57:58.7
34.183  Crazy 1NslUT558.58:43.9
35.926  Snot Rockets 1Cedar CityUT584.59:44.7
36.84  A Momentary Lapse of Reason ?Again1HerrimanUT596.1:00:14.0
37.154  Butt-sweat & Tears 1Pleasant GroveUT618.1:01:17.0
38.214  Don't Touch The Banana 1SyracuseUT660.1:03:33.7
39.642  BootyChasers 1SurpriseAZ670.1:04:27.2
40.548  Love The Run Your With 1SyracuseUT674.1:04:31.3
41.1112  Granite Construction 1SlcUT684.1:05:13.5
42.832  Wasatch You Talking About Willis1TigardOR685.1:05:18.6
43.158  Nut up or Shut up 1LaytonUT738.1:11:56.0

Coed High School
1.612  Weber Warriors 1EdenUT15.37:23.3
2.927  Cardinal Cruisers 1Soda SpringsID33.40:43.6
3.1123  Davis High Coed 1KaysvilleUT372.53:30.2
4.578  The Blue Darts - You Can't Hold A Candle To Us!1SpringvilleUT564.58:53.9