2004 Wasatch Track Club Track Meet
Wasatch High School
64 East 600 South
Heber City, Utah
June 5, 2004


Welcome to the information page for our meet.  All pre-registration will take place on-line.  Please pre-register!  It will make meet morning go so much smoother!  Pre-registration will not close until midnight, Friday, June 4th to allow you to get all of you registration taken care of before the meet.

There will be day-of registration available starting at 7:30 am.  However, please use this time only for last-minute changes.  We will close day-of registration at 8:45 am sharp to allow us to be on-time.  Open athletes should also register on-line in the Collegiate Classification.

The BYU timing crew will be present to time and score the meet.  They will use FinishLynx to provide FAT timing.  Results will be posted throughout the meet, including team scores.  Results will also be posted on the web.

See you at the meet!


1500/3000/5000 meter race walk
3000/5000 meter run (midgets – masters)
80-meter hurdles (30” MB/MG) (green marks)
100-meter hurdles (30”YG) (yellow square marks)
100-meter hurdles (33”YB, IG, YW, OW, Masters) (yellow arrow marks)
110-meter hurdles (39”IB, YM Masters) (blue marks)
110-meter hurdles (42”OM) (blue marks)
50-meter dash (pre bantams)
100-meter dash (all divisions, youngest to oldest)
1500 meter run (all divisions)
4X100 meter relay (all divisions)
400-meter dash (all divisions)
200-meter hurdles (30”YG, YB)
400-meter hurdles (30” IG, YW, OW, Masters)
400-meter hurdles (36”IB, YM, OM)upon request
800-meter dash (all divisions)
200-meter dash (all divisions)
4X400 meter relay (all divisions)

FIELD EVENTS – 9:00 am  (Girls in South pit boys in North pit)
Long Jump (OM, OW, Masters, IG, IM, YG, YB . . .to youngest)
High Jump
Shot Put (weights 6# - bantams, midgets, youth girls, 4kg. youth boys, 12# IB, YM, 4.0kg. IG, YW)
Discus (weights 1.0 kg.- Midgets, Youth, IG, YW, 1.6kg. - IB, YM)
Javelin (weights – 600 g.-  Youth, 600 gr.- IG, YW, 800gr.- IB, YM)
Triple Jump (youth – masters)
Pole Vault (IG, IB, YB, YG, OM, OW)

***We will have a bullpen area for people waiting to compete in the 100-meter dash.***

A Big Thanks to Days Market, Community First Bank, Go Cookies, Nielson Chiropractic and all those who did and will volunteer time and effort to make this meet successful!


We will need volunteers to help in all areas!  Please contact Bob by e-mail.  dunklebob@hotmail.com