28th Mariner Invitational 2011
Garin Park
Hayward, CA
October 15, 2011

Scoring 1:
Scoring 2:
Scoring 3:
Scoring 4:
Scoring 5:

This analysis is a series of snapshots through-out the race, which allows for a comparison of each team's relative position as the race unfolds.

Each time that a runner finishes the race, the team standings change. Thus, each line represents a runner finishing and a view of the team standings at that particular moment in time.

Each line will have a team underlined, which is the designation of the team for that runner. The line number is the team scoring position for the runner that finished. The number before the team abbreviation is the current position of that team. The number after the team abbreviation is the team's current score. The first number inside the parenthesis is the number of runners from that team that have finished so far. The second number inside the parenthesis is the best possible score that the team is still able to achieve.

The color of the team is a representation of their final team position in the race. When 5 runners have finished from a team, the team score is final and it is displayed in bold type. When the team place number is bolded, the team position is final.

If you hover your mouse over a team anywhere in the list, all of the entries for that team are temporarily bolded, making it easier to follow the progress of that team. A team that has a final team score, but their team position is not yet final, has team(s) that threaten their position. This means that, depending on the place of runners that have not yet finished, a threatening team can still mathematically surpass the position of the threatened team. While a team is highlighted, any teams that threaten their position will be listed in italics, starting from the position where their team score is final.