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  2012 Gadsden Classic Invitational
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  • Location:    2012 Gadsden High School, Anthony, NM.   
  • Date: March 03, 2012 @ 8:30 AM.
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Each team is allowed  unlimited number of entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 5 events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Richard Maxey
      Phone: 575-312-3506
      Cell Phone: 575-312-3506
      Email: zebra9809@yahoo.com

    Note From Meet Director:


    WELCOME to THE PANTHER TRACK ATTACK 2012 Gadsden Classic Invitational. We are excited to host your team and provide your athletes with a quality meet and a qualifying one. Hopefully, the following information will help you during the meet. If you have any questions please contact Coach Maxey at 575-312-3506 cell.

    1. All entries are due by 7:00 PM on WEDNESDAY, FEB 29, 2012. Your entries will be entered online through runnercard.com. If you do not have an account you will need to create an account. Your athletes will be seeded and heated by the marks you submit. Athletes with no marks will be placed in slow heats and flights. No entries will be accepted once the web site has closed.
    2. The scratch meeting will be held in the cafeteria from 8:00 am to 8:45 am. No ADDS will be accepted without the approval of Coach Maxey, Meet Director.
    3. Each team is allowed three entries per team in the individual events and one team for each relay.
    4. Spikes can be no longer than ?. Athletes with longer spikes will be disqualified for the remainder of the meet. Spikes will not be allowed in any building. Tape, tennis balls or any flat mark can be used on track surfaces for marks. Athletes are responsible for removing their own marks.
    5. There will be no lockerrooms available. Restrooms will be available by the west bleachers. Each school will be responsible for their own valuables.
    6. Starting blocks and block holders will be provided. You may use your own blocks but they must be approved by the meet referee. 7. Medals will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place, ribbons 4th through sixth.
    Trophies will be awarded 1st through 3rd.
    High point plaques will be awarded for each gender.
    One plaque will be rewarded for first place in each relay.
    Sportsmanship plaques will be awarded for each gender as voted on by the coaches.
    Special Award for the weight relay winners.
    There will be an awards presentation at the end of the meet.
    8. NO JEWELRY will be allowed. Athletes wearing jewelry will be warned a first time and disqualified a second time if noticed by an official, as per Federation Rules.
    9. The National Federation Rules for uniforms will be enforced. Hats cannot be worn during competition.
    10. Only officials and participating athletes will be allowed on the infield around the finish line. Any coach or non participant will be warned once and removed to the stands.
    11. Throwing event participants will be allowed three attempts in preliminaries and those qualifying to the finals will be allowed three additional attempts. There will be weigh ins at the throwing area North of the stadium.
    12. Jump events (Triple and Long) will have a two hour open pit. Each jumper will get four jumps?.. NO FINALS
    13. The Gadsden High School Track team will be hosting a concession stand. We will accept P.O.s and will offer a combo meal ticket for $4.00. Please notify Coach Maxey if you are interested.
    14. Lunch will be provided for up to four members per school per team. Additional tickets for coaches and staff can be purchased for $4.00 per person from Coach Maxey.
    15. Results will be posted on the windows of the hospitality room as they become available.
    16. Changes in the schedule of the meet will be posted and announced. The home meet administration reserves the right to makes changes as necessary.
    17. Scoring will be 7,5,4,3,2,1 for individuals and 10,8,6,,4,2,1 for relays.
    18. The long jump will take place in the east pits and the triple jump in the west pits.
    20. All National Federation rules will be enforced, with the exception of the NMAA Rule differences.

    team nameathparrel
    Individual Registrations000
    Anthony HS Girls131
    Chaparral High School41848
    Cobre High16384
    Deming HS20358
    Gadsden High School34978
    Hot Springs 6170
    Hot Springs High School6180
    Jesus Chapel350
    Lordsburg HS262
    MT. View 9154
    MT. View 8174
    Santa Teresa HS6138
    Silver High25354
    Silver High School7131
    ath: # of athletes attending meet
    par: total # of participations for team
    rel: # of relay teams
    event namepar
    100 Meter Hurdles Varsity (G)19
    100 meter Varsity (B)47
    100 meter Varsity (G)38
    110 Meter Hurdles Varsity (B)18
    1600 meter Varsity (G)27
    1600 meter Varsity (B)33
    200 meter Varsity (B)49
    200 meter Varsity (G)36
    300 Meter Hurdles Varsity (G)17
    300 Meter Hurdles Varsity (B)21
    3200 meter Varsity (B)15
    3200 meter Varsity (G)9
    400 meter Varsity (G)25
    400 meter Varsity (B)30
    800 meter Varsity (B)26
    800 meter Varsity (G)27
    Decathlon Varsity (B)0
    Decathlon Varsity (G)0
    Discus Varsity (G)34
    Discus Varsity (B)39
    High Jump Varsity (G)15
    High Jump Varsity (B)18
    Javelin Varsity (G)14
    Javelin Varsity (B)32
    Long Jump Varsity (B)47
    Long Jump Varsity (G)27
    Pole Vault Varsity (G)7
    Pole Vault Varsity (B)17
    Shot Put Varsity (G)33
    Shot Put Varsity (B)44
    Triple Jump Varsity (G)6
    Triple Jump Varsity (B)23
    4x100 Varsity (B)8
    4x100 Varsity (G)6
    4x200 Varsity (B)8
    4x200 Varsity (G)6
    4x400 Varsity (B)8
    4x400 Varsity (G)5
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 Varsity (B)8
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 Varsity (G)6
    par: # of participations for event
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