2019 Utah National Parks Council 50/20
4400 West Center St., Provo, UT 84601
Friday 6 September, 2019 3:00 PM MDT

Event Location

Utah Lake State Park
4400 West Center St.
Provo, UT 84601

Event Information

The Utah National Parks Council, is sponsoring a great event called the 50/20. It is 50 miles in 20 hours, and you can make it by walking all the way, if you wish. You can come one or come as a group. We will be starting from 3-6 p.m. at the Utah Lake State Park at the Provo River Trailhead. We will be walking on that trail to the mouth of Provo Canyon, where we will walk west and connect onto the Murdock Canal Trail almost over to the Alpine Highway and back. Boys will have a wrist band put on them at that time and they will return along that same path. Along the way there will be 22 aid stations, with professional medical personnel, that will have water and advice for the participants. Those stations are also where parents and others can join in the walk, support, feed, and aid their youth in this event. Restrooms and commercial business are along the path for use and refreshment. We encourage groups to do it together, but doing it individually works as well. Parents and leaders of boys are more than encouraged to participate (all or part way) with your youth. For the back half of this event, that support will make all the difference in the world. Those completing the event within the the 20 hours will receive a quality key chain (that will be a reminder for years) and will say on it———“I CAN DO HARD THINGS”

Former General YM President Larry Gibson spoke in General Conference on the value of the 50/20 event and what it did for him personally and for his own boys. Those who do this will remember and talk of this and what they learned from it for the rest of your lives.

There is a small registration fee to cover costs, and parents need to agree to the Parental Liability release. Registration will be open until the morning of the race. Final registration will be available at the race, but please register online to avoid the lines.

Registration is only $15 until August 31st, after which it will increase $10.

For Questions contact your YM Ward or Stake YM Presidents or:

Keith Holdaway - 801-592-1486
Steve Baugh - 801-310-0569
Brian Barthel - 801-400-2435


* Build confidence and determination as our youth prove to themselves that they can ‘DO HARD THINGS'
* Build stronger relationships in their families and quorum.
* Help our youth follow the example of the Savior in courage, determination, and finishing.

This is about staying power and determination. Being able to keep going when it gets tough and hard------ is what this is all about. Be tough and endure it well and remember that “YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS"

Out of all the District activities to participate in, this is one that has a lasting effect.

Come spend the night with us. You can do it!!!!


Keith Holdaway

Live Registrations

Live Registrations

50-20     Course Map
Walk/run 50 miles in 20 hours following the Provo River Trail and the Murdock Canal Trail. The turn-around is in Lehi.
Start times will be from 3:00 to 6:30 pm on Friday.
Distance: 50 mi
Start Time: 3:00 PM
Type: Coed
Closed   $25.00 Per Person
  • 1 T-shirt(s) Per Person.
Registration Closed
09/06/2019 10:00 AM