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  30th Annual ARL Track and Field Day
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  • Location:    SJH Track, Blanding, UT.   
  • Date: May 21, 2019 @ 8:30 am.
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Each team is allowed  unlimited number of entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in unlimited events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Rich Monson
      Phone: 4356781112
      Cell Phone:
      Email: rmonson@sjsd.org

    Note From Meet Director:

    team name
    Team information not available
    event name
    100 meter Class A Boys (B)
    100 meter Class A Girls (G)
    100 meter Class B Boys (B)
    100 meter Class B Girls (G)
    100 meter Class C Boys (B)
    100 meter Class C Girls (G)
    100 meter Class D Boys (B)
    100 meter Class D Girls (G)
    1600 meter Boys Open (B)
    1600 meter Girls Open (G)
    200 meter Class A Boys (B)
    200 meter Class A Girls (G)
    200 meter Class B Boys (B)
    200 meter Class B Girls (G)
    200 meter Class C Boys (B)
    200 meter Class C Girls (G)
    200 meter Class D Boys (B)
    200 meter Class D Girls (G)
    400 meter Boys Open (B)
    400 meter Girls Open (G)
    75 Meter Hurdles Class A Boys (B)
    75 Meter Hurdles Class A Girls (G)
    75 Meter Hurdles Class B Boys (B)
    75 Meter Hurdles Class B Girls (G)
    75 Meter Hurdles Class C Boys (B)
    75 Meter Hurdles Class C Girls (G)
    75 Meter Hurdles Class D Boys (B)
    75 Meter Hurdles Class D Girls (G)
    800 meter Boys Open (B)
    800 meter Girls Open (G)
    Discus Class A Boys (B)
    Discus Class A Girls (G)
    Discus Class B Boys (B)
    Discus Class B Girls (G)
    Discus Class C Boys (B)
    Discus Class C Girls (G)
    Discus Class D Boys (B)
    Discus Class D Girls (G)
    High Jump Class A Boys (B)
    High Jump Class A Girls (G)
    High Jump Class B Boys (B)
    High Jump Class B Girls (G)
    High Jump Class C Boys (B)
    High Jump Class C Girls (G)
    High Jump Class D Boys (B)
    High Jump Class D Girls (G)
    Long Jump Class A Boys (B)
    Long Jump Class A Girls (G)
    Long Jump Class B Boys (B)
    Long Jump Class B Girls (G)
    Long Jump Class C Boys (B)
    Long Jump Class C Girls (G)
    Long Jump Class D Boys (B)
    Long Jump Class D Girls (G)
    Shot Put Class A Boys (B)
    Shot Put Class A Girls (G)
    Shot Put Class B Boys (B)
    Shot Put Class B Girls (G)
    Shot Put Class C Boys (B)
    Shot Put Class C Girls (G)
    Shot Put Class D Boys (B)
    Shot Put Class D Girls (G)
    4x100 Boys Open (B)
    4x100 Girls Open (G)
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