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  • Location:    Ysleta High School , El Paso, TX.   
  • Date: March 12, 2020 @ 4:00 PM.
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Each team is allowed  100 entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 5 events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Nathaniel Meys
      Phone: 915-434-8200
      Cell Phone:
      Email: nmeys@yisd.net

    Note From Meet Director:
    Hello coaches!!! YMS and YWLA would like to invite your team to compete in the Boys & Girls Track Invitational to be held March 12th 2020 at Ysleta High School. The meet will include both 7th and 8th divisions. All entries will need to be done by RunnerCard.com. The meet entries will close on Wednesday, March 11th, at 6:00pm. **Please enter only three athletes per event, per level. **There will be only scratches at the meet, no ads. ** 1600m may be combined based on number of entries. PLEASE SEE THE SCHEDULE ABOVE TO SEE WHAT YOUR SCHOOL WAS ASSIGNED TO WORK. WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR OWN MEASURING TAPE TO WORK YOUR EVENT. The order of running events will be Girls 7th, Girls 8th , Boys 7th Boys 8th If you have any questions please call me Coach Meys at (915-241-3147). A hospitality room will be available for all coaches in the library classroom. Located on the south portion of Hutchins Stadium. Please help us keep all athletes out. To keep all participants safe and focused please help enforce the following: Only coaches and 1 manager allowed on the field the duration of the meet. Athletes may only be on the field 1 event before they compete, NO CAMPS will be allowed on the field. Athletes will be escorted off. Athletes will be scratched from their event if they are not present for lineup. Meet director will ensure 2 calls for each race/field event. An athlete will have 10 minutes to report back to field events after race is complete. Relays may only use tennis balls or tape for marks. Absolutely no ( cones,chalk) Sincerely, Coaching Staff of YMS and YWLA

    team nameathparrel
    Individual Registrations000
    Young Women's Leadership Academy20332
    Ysleta Middle School539911
    ath: # of athletes attending meet
    par: total # of participations for team
    rel: # of relay teams
    event namepar
    100 meter 7th (B)9
    100 meter 7th (G)12
    100 meter 8th (B)9
    100 meter 8th (G)9
    100 Meter Hurdles 7th (G)10
    100 Meter Hurdles 8th (G)6
    110 Meter Hurdles 7th (B)9
    110 Meter Hurdles 8th (B)7
    1600 meter 7th (G)5
    1600 meter 7th (B)6
    1600 meter 8th (B)7
    1600 meter 8th (G)8
    200 meter 7th (G)9
    200 meter 7th (B)9
    200 meter 8th (B)9
    200 meter 8th (G)9
    2400 meter 7th (B)6
    2400 meter 7th (G)3
    2400 meter 8th (G)6
    2400 meter 8th (B)4
    300 Meter Hurdles 7th (G)6
    300 Meter Hurdles 7th (B)6
    300 Meter Hurdles 8th (G)5
    300 Meter Hurdles 8th (B)6
    400 meter 7th (G)9
    400 meter 7th (B)7
    400 meter 8th (G)9
    400 meter 8th (B)7
    800 meter 7th (B)6
    800 meter 7th (G)7
    800 meter 8th (G)11
    800 meter 8th (B)9
    Discus 7th (G)6
    Discus 7th (B)7
    Discus 8th (G)10
    Discus 8th (B)9
    Long Jump 7th (B)9
    Long Jump 7th (G)11
    Long Jump 8th (B)9
    Long Jump 8th (G)11
    Shot Put 7th (B)7
    Shot Put 7th (G)7
    Shot Put 8th (B)9
    Shot Put 8th (G)10
    Triple Jump 7th (G)9
    Triple Jump 7th (B)6
    Triple Jump 8th (B)6
    Triple Jump 8th (G)9
    4x100 7th (B)3
    4x100 7th (G)2
    4x100 8th (B)2
    4x100 8th (G)3
    4x200 7th (B)1
    4x200 7th (G)2
    4x200 8th (G)3
    4x200 8th (B)2
    4x400 7th (B)1
    4x400 7th (G)0
    4x400 8th (B)1
    4x400 8th (G)1
    par: # of participations for event
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