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  2021 Morgan Trojan Inv
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  • Location:    Morgan HS, Morgan, UT.   
  • Date: April 24, 2021 @ 8:30 AM.
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Each team is allowed  unlimited number of entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 4 events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Brennen Fuller
      Cell Phone: 4352253195
      Email: bfuller@morgansd.org

    Note From Meet Director:

    UPDATE!! -- Because of Covid, we are still waiting to hear what restrictions we will have on the Invitational and how many teams/athletes we will be able to have. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, EMAIL bfuller@morgansd.org or bweir@morgansd.org for entry and the passcode.
    ALSO - We will be adding the 4x200 Relay for those classifications that compete in it!

    Entry Fee: $5 per athlete per event and $20 for each relay. ($75 maximum per team or $150 per school.)

    1. Please enter 1 athlete so we know to plan on your school coming. E-mail us at bweir@morgansd.org or bfuller@morgansd.org if you are interested or have any questions. Enter all entries on runnercard.com by THURS April 22nd @ 6 pm.
    Athletes must check in prior to all events and receive heat and lane assignment in the bullpen. Field event athletes must check in with the event judge.
    2. All throwing implements will be weighed and certified according to the NFSHA rules. Javelins must be the IAAF Javelin.
    3. Automatic timing system will be used for all races (timed finals).
    4. Individual entries are limited to four events per athlete; 5 participants per event and 1 relay team per event.
    5. Throwers and Jumpers will have 4 attempts NO finals!!
    6. Schools should dress prior to arrival. Locker room will not be available; restrooms are available.

    7:15 to 8:15 am Weigh-in
    8:00 am Coaches meeting
    *All running events will go girls first then boys.
    *5 participants per event and 1 relay from each school per event. We will measure at least one mark if it is close to the mark.
    Each athlete is allowed only 4 events.
    We are excited to have you come to our meet!

    Questions concerning the meet should be directed to
    Bryan Weir: bweir@morgansd.org or
    Brennen Fuller: bfuller@morgansd.org

    team nameathparrel
    Individual Registrations000
    Bear River HS345210
    Clearfield HS21408
    Copper Hills HS9174
    Davis HS570
    Draper APA HS 242
    Duchesne HS18403
    East HS23496
    Juan Diego CHS17317
    Judge Memorial13171
    Layton Christian Acad.5150
    Layton HS40734
    Maeser Prep Acad356
    Morgan HS47806
    Mount Vernon Academy371
    Mountain View HS-WY110
    North Summit HS40706
    Northridge HS10188
    Real Salt Lake Acad4110
    Rowland Hall8123
    Tabiona HS11340
    Tintic HS7201
    Union HS31625
    Wasatch HS54837
    ath: # of athletes attending meet
    par: total # of participations for team
    rel: # of relay teams
    event namepar
    100 Meter Hurdles Varsity (G)41
    100 meter Varsity (B)84
    100 meter Varsity (G)68
    110 Meter Hurdles Varsity (B)44
    1600 meter Varsity (B)66
    1600 meter Varsity (G)59
    200 meter Varsity (B)77
    200 meter Varsity (G)64
    300 Meter Hurdles Varsity (G)42
    300 Meter Hurdles Varsity (B)49
    3200 meter Varsity (B)48
    3200 meter Varsity (G)24
    400 meter Varsity (B)68
    400 meter Varsity (G)48
    800 meter Varsity (G)51
    800 meter Varsity (B)62
    Discus Varsity (B)53
    Discus Varsity (G)44
    High Jump Varsity (B)25
    High Jump Varsity (G)42
    Javelin Varsity (B)62
    Javelin Varsity (G)54
    Long Jump Varsity (G)57
    Long Jump Varsity (B)55
    Shot Put Varsity (B)54
    Shot Put Varsity (G)48
    4x100 Varsity (B)16
    4x100 Varsity (G)12
    4x200 Varsity (B)6
    4x200 Varsity (G)6
    4x400 Varsity (B)13
    4x400 Varsity (G)12
    4x800 Varsity (B)6
    4x800 Varsity (G)5
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 Varsity (G)6
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 Varsity (B)6
    par: # of participations for event
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