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  2021 Mr. Mac/BYU Invitational
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  • Location:    Clarence Robison Track-Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.   
  • Date: May 07, 2021 @ various times each day.
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Each team is allowed  50 entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 4 events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Doug Padilla
      Cell Phone: 801-367-6578
      Email: doug_padilla@byu.edu

    Note From Meet Director:

    Coaches and athletes, we are approved! The meet is on! New information has been posted on the information page. Please click on the Schedule link above.

    Thank you for your support and positivity. We are excited to be back!

    Welcome to the online registration site. Click on the Schedule link above for complete meet information.

    Once registration closes and information is posted, Accepted Entries can viewed by clicking on Heat Sheets on the meet schedule page (click on the Schedule link above).

    Registration will close on Tuesday, May 4th, at 8:00 a.m. Registration will reopen at 10:00 am until 8:00 pm sharp to make corrections. Please process your entries before 8:00 a.m. Do now wait until the correction window.

    Athlete limits apply. Each team is allowed to enter athletes into up to 25 events per gender (not including relays or 3200). Do not enter athletes with more than 25 participations, even though the system may allow it. Each athlete may not enter more than 4 events, including relays. All seed marks used to qualify must come from state qualifying meets in Utah this year.

    The top 9 relays from each classification will be accepted into the meet. Please enter your alternate relay members in positions 5 and 6. The top 12 athletes in each classification will be accepted into the 3200 meters.

    For schools that are not in Utah, please use the following guide to determine the classification that matches your enrollment:

    1A- 250 and below
    2A- 251-500
    3A- 501-800
    4A- 801-1300
    5A- 1301-1700
    6A- 1701 and above

    Please register your athletes into the events that match your classification. See you at the meet!

    team nameathparrel
    Individual Registrations000
    Adelson HS-NV130
    Alta HS361
    Altamont HS11190
    American Fork HS567
    American Heritage11220
    American Leadership Academy7162
    Ben Lomond HS342
    Bishop Gorman HS24405
    Blackfoot High School240
    Bonneville HS590
    Box Elder HS23313
    Bryce Valley HS9235
    Butte County HS-ID120
    Canyon View HS11204
    Cedar Valley HS19242
    Centennial HS-NV120
    Cheyenne Central HS240
    Crimson Cliffs HS13161
    Delta High Boys11196
    Duchesne HS8163
    Durango High School360
    Emery HS11231
    Emmett HS-ID130
    Enterprise HS11202
    Escalante HS360
    Farmington HS220
    Grand County HS7153
    Grantsville HS14222
    Green Canyon HS13238
    Green River HS240
    Gunnison Valley HS13245
    Highland HS11160
    Hurricane HS674
    Hurricane HS7111
    Jackson Hole HS-WY340
    Juab HS16216
    Kanab HS15306
    Lehi HS18304
    Logan HS14198
    Lone Peak HS21298
    Lovell HS490
    Lyman High School570
    Maeser Prep Acad125
    Manila HS110
    Manti HS15203
    Manti HS15243
    Maple Mountain HS20307
    Milford HS 8146
    Millard HS15306
    Monticello HS391
    Morgan HS25376
    Mount Vernon Academy131
    Mountain View HS9197
    Nampa Christian HS120
    North Fremont HS6160
    North Sanpete HS6121
    North Sevier HS9193
    North Sevier HS11223
    North Summit HS20326
    Ogden HS683
    Olympus HS220
    Orem HS788
    Panguitch HS10203
    Panguitch HS9203
    Park City HS16238
    Parowan HS23465
    Pine View HS110
    Pine View HS440
    Pinnacle HS110
    Piute HS591
    Pleasant Grove HS772
    Preston HS-ID30496
    Provo HS10135
    Real Salt Lake Acad11183
    Rich HS363
    Rich HS10183
    Richfield HS15276
    Ridgeline HS17248
    Riverton HS17265
    Rowland Hall474
    Roy HS552
    Saint Joseph CHS681
    Salmon High School250
    San Juan HS7180
    Shelley High110
    Sky View HS14253
    Sky View HS9164
    Skyline HS120
    Skyline HS330
    Skyridge HS24328
    Snow Canyon HS13196
    South Sevier HS8141
    South Sevier HS371
    Spanish Fork HS8132
    Spring Creek HS-NV9160
    Springville HS27428
    Sugar-Salem HS38558
    Tabiona HS6160
    Telos Academy122
    Telos Academy110
    Timpanogos HS18268
    Timpview HS12206
    Tintic HS360
    Tooele HS142
    Uintah HS585
    Union HS19334
    Valley HS6113
    Wasatch HS19268
    Water Canyon HS 351
    Wayne HS582
    Weber HS120
    Wells HS-NV352
    Wendover HS110
    West HS9167
    West Jefferson HS120
    Westlake HS578
    Woods Cross HS12191
    ath: # of athletes attending meet
    par: total # of participations for team
    rel: # of relay teams
    event namepar
    100 meter 1A-3A (B)118
    100 meter 1A-3A (G)106
    100 meter 4A-6A (B)110
    100 meter 4A-6A (G)84
    100 Meter Hurdles 1A-3A (G)63
    100 Meter Hurdles 4A-6A (G)43
    110 Meter Hurdles 1A-3A (B)38
    110 Meter Hurdles 4A-6A (B)41
    1600 meter 1A-3A (B)96
    1600 meter 1A-3A (G)63
    1600 meter 4A-6A (B)104
    1600 meter 4A-6A (G)93
    200 meter 1A-3A (G)87
    200 meter 1A-3A (B)95
    200 meter 4A-6A (B)88
    200 meter 4A-6A (G)105
    300 Meter Hurdles 1A-3A (B)44
    300 Meter Hurdles 1A-3A (G)61
    300 Meter Hurdles 4A-6A (G)46
    300 Meter Hurdles 4A-6A (B)48
    3200 meter 1A (B)21
    3200 meter 1A (G)10
    3200 meter 2A (G)14
    3200 meter 2A (B)24
    3200 meter 3A (G)26
    3200 meter 3A (B)33
    3200 meter 4A (B)29
    3200 meter 4A (G)25
    3200 meter 5A (B)28
    3200 meter 5A (G)21
    3200 meter 6A (B)22
    3200 meter 6A (G)12
    400 meter 1A-3A (G)46
    400 meter 1A-3A (B)53
    400 meter 4A-6A (B)43
    400 meter 4A-6A (G)51
    800 meter 1A-3A (B)86
    800 meter 1A-3A (G)89
    800 meter 4A-6A (B)133
    800 meter 4A-6A (G)103
    Discus 1A-3A (G)32
    Discus 1A-3A (B)40
    Discus 4A-6A (B)31
    Discus 4A-6A (G)32
    High Jump 1A-3A (G)54
    High Jump 1A-3A (B)42
    High Jump 4A-6A (G)40
    High Jump 4A-6A (B)50
    Javelin 1A-3A (B)43
    Javelin 1A-3A (G)38
    Javelin 4A-6A (B)25
    Javelin 4A-6A (G)42
    Long Jump 1A-3A (G)46
    Long Jump 1A-3A (B)64
    Long Jump 4A-6A (B)64
    Long Jump 4A-6A (G)49
    Pole Vault 1A-3A (B)9
    Pole Vault 1A-3A (G)9
    Pole Vault 4A-6A (G)18
    Pole Vault 4A-6A (B)13
    Shot Put 1A-3A (B)62
    Shot Put 1A-3A (G)59
    Shot Put 4A-6A (B)51
    Shot Put 4A-6A (G)50
    4x100 1A (G)5
    4x100 1A (B)8
    4x100 2A (G)11
    4x100 2A (B)8
    4x100 3A (B)10
    4x100 3A (G)10
    4x100 4A (G)10
    4x100 4A (B)10
    4x100 5A (G)11
    4x100 5A (B)12
    4x100 6A (B)7
    4x100 6A (G)7
    4x200 4A (B)8
    4x200 4A (G)8
    4x200 5A (B)12
    4x200 5A (G)11
    4x200 6A (G)5
    4x200 6A (B)6
    4x400 1A (G)5
    4x400 1A (B)6
    4x400 2A (B)9
    4x400 2A (G)7
    4x400 3A (B)8
    4x400 3A (G)9
    4x400 4A (G)7
    4x400 4A (B)6
    4x400 5A (B)10
    4x400 5A (G)8
    4x400 6A (G)4
    4x400 6A (B)6
    4x800 4A (B)7
    4x800 4A (G)7
    4x800 5A (G)7
    4x800 5A (B)9
    4x800 6A (G)6
    4x800 6A (B)6
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 1A (G)6
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 1A (B)6
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 2A (B)10
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 2A (G)9
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 3A (B)10
    Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 3A (G)10
    par: # of participations for event
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