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  2022 Alderete & Canutillo Middle School Invitational
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  • Location:    Julius & Irene Lowenberg Stadium, El Paso, TX.   
  • Date: April 02, 2022 @ 8:00 AM.
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Each team is allowed  unlimited number of entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 5 events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Enrique Castanos
      Phone: 915-877-7900
      Cell Phone: 915-667-0282
      Email: ecastanos@canutillo-isd.org

    Note From Meet Director:
    The 2022 Alderete & Canutillo Middle School Invitational will be held at Canutillo High School's Julius & Irene Lowenberg Stadium on April 2, 2022. We will hold our scratch meeting at 8:00 a.m. We will have all boys compete in running events first, with all girls competing in field events (Hurdles will be run together at the beginning of the meet, with girls going first). At about 11:30 a.m. we will have all girls in running events with all boys in field events. Entries are due on RunnerCard by Thursday, March 31, at 9:00 p.m. Coaches please remind athletes no food or drinks on the field. If you have any questions, call Ruben Galaviz at (915) 307-0018 or email rgalaviz@canutillo-isd.org. Athletes may participate in a total of 5 events, with a limit of 3 running events. An athlete is permitted to enter 5 field events, but no running events. Teams competing: Alderete, Canutillo, East Montana, Fabens, Gadsden, Horizon and Tornillo.

    team nameathparrel
    Individual Registrations000
    Alderete Middle School 12252
    alderete middle school 7th girls13293
    Alderete Middle School 8th Boys 201918363
    Alderete MS 7th Grade Boys20363
    Canutillo Middle School28616
    Canutillo Middle School42706
    EMMS Track and Field 37678
    Fabens Middle School Boys 7th9263
    Fabens Middle School Boys 8th10293
    Fabens Middle School Girls 7th15333
    Fabens Middle School Girls 8th10283
    GMS TRACK22545
    Horizon Middle27759
    Tornillo Jr High9250
    ath: # of athletes attending meet
    par: total # of participations for team
    rel: # of relay teams
    event namepar
    100 meter 7th Grade Boys (B)17
    100 meter 7th Grade Girls (G)21
    100 meter 8th Grade Boys (B)20
    100 meter 8th Grade Girls (G)18
    100 Meter Hurdles 7th Grade Girls (G)12
    100 Meter Hurdles 8th Grade Girls (G)13
    110 Meter Hurdles 7th Grade Boys (B)10
    110 Meter Hurdles 8th Grade Boys (B)12
    1600 meter 7th Grade Boys (B)11
    1600 meter 7th Grade Girls (G)10
    1600 meter 8th Grade Boys (B)13
    1600 meter 8th Grade Girls (G)12
    200 meter 7th Grade Boys (B)18
    200 meter 7th Grade Girls (G)19
    200 meter 8th Grade Boys (B)20
    200 meter 8th Grade Girls (G)17
    2400 meter 7th Grade Boys (B)8
    2400 meter 7th Grade Girls (G)6
    2400 meter 8th Grade Boys (B)9
    2400 meter 8th Grade Girls (G)6
    400 meter 7th Grade Boys (B)12
    400 meter 7th Grade Girls (G)14
    400 meter 8th Grade Boys (B)16
    400 meter 8th Grade Girls (G)15
    800 meter 7th Grade Boys (B)10
    800 meter 7th Grade Girls (G)10
    800 meter 8th Grade Boys (B)15
    800 meter 8th Grade Girls (G)15
    Discus 7th Grade Boys (B)11
    Discus 7th Grade Girls (G)14
    Discus 8th Grade Boys (B)17
    Discus 8th Grade Girls (G)16
    High Jump 7th Grade Boys (B)12
    High Jump 7th Grade Girls (G)10
    High Jump 8th Grade Boys (B)11
    High Jump 8th Grade Girls (G)8
    Long Jump 7th Grade Boys (B)16
    Long Jump 7th Grade Girls (G)20
    Long Jump 8th Grade Boys (B)17
    Long Jump 8th Grade Girls (G)16
    Shot Put 7th Grade Boys (B)10
    Shot Put 7th Grade Girls (G)15
    Shot Put 8th Grade Boys (B)15
    Shot Put 8th Grade Girls (G)15
    Triple Jump 7th Grade Boys (B)15
    Triple Jump 7th Grade Girls (G)16
    Triple Jump 8th Grade Boys (B)10
    Triple Jump 8th Grade Girls (G)12
    4x100 7th Grade Boys (B)6
    4x100 7th Grade Girls (G)5
    4x100 8th Grade Boys (B)6
    4x100 8th Grade Girls (G)3
    4x200 7th Grade Boys (B)4
    4x200 7th Grade Girls (G)5
    4x200 8th Grade Boys (B)5
    4x200 8th Grade Girls (G)4
    4x400 7th Grade Boys (B)5
    4x400 7th Grade Girls (G)5
    4x400 8th Grade Boys (B)4
    4x400 8th Grade Girls (G)5
    par: # of participations for event
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