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  2008 Utah Junior Olympic Track and Field Meet
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  • Location:    Clarence Robison Track Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.   
  • Date: May 22, 2008 @ various times each day.
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Each team is allowed  unlimited number of entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 4 events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Doug Padilla
      Phone: 801-422-1295
      Cell Phone:
      Email: doug_padilla@byu.edu

    Note From Meet Director:
    The meet is three days, Thursday to Saturday, May 22nd through May 24th. It is being held in conjunction with the USATF High Performance Sprint and Power Meet, which will feature some of the top track and field athletes in the nation as they prepare for the 2008 Bejing Olympics!

    Registration is $5 per event, up to 4 events, not including relays.

    Age Division by Year of Birth
    Bantam 1998+
    Midget 1996-1997
    Youth 1994-1995
    Intermediate 1992-1993
    Young 1991-1992
    Be sure to register into the events for your correct age division!

    All registration must be completed on-line. Registration will close no earlier than Thursday May 22nd at noon, MDT. You must register before that time.

    IN 2004 we had a great meet! See you there!

    team name
    Individual Registrations
    tnt track and field
    event namepar
    100 M Dash Bantam Boys (M)4
    100 M Dash Bantam Girls (F)13
    100 M Dash Intermediate Boys (M)4
    100 M Dash Intermediate Girls (F)0
    100 M Dash Midget Boys (M)3
    100 M Dash Midget Girls (F)6
    100 M Dash Young Men (M)3
    100 M Dash Young Women (F)1
    100 M Dash Youth Boys (M)4
    100 M Dash Youth Girls (F)3
    100 M Hurdles Intermediate Girls (F)1
    100 M Hurdles Young Women (F)2
    100 M Hurdles Youth Boys (M)0
    100 M Hurdles Youth Girls (F)1
    110 M Hurdles Intermediate Boys (M)0
    110 M Hurdles Young Men (M)4
    1500 Meter Race Walk Bantam Boys (M)0
    1500 Meter Race Walk Bantam Girls (F)0
    1500 Meter Race Walk Midget Boys (M)0
    1500 Meter Race Walk Midget Girls (F)0
    1500 Meter Run Bantam Boys (M)1
    1500 Meter Run Bantam Girls (F)2
    1500 Meter Run Intermediate Boys (M)2
    1500 Meter Run Intermediate Girls (F)2
    1500 Meter Run Midget Boys (M)1
    1500 Meter Run Midget Girls (F)0
    1500 Meter Run Young Men (M)0
    1500 Meter Run Young Women (F)1
    1500 Meter Run Youth Boys (M)2
    1500 Meter Run Youth Girls (F)1
    200 M Dash Open Men (M)0
    200 M Dash Open Women (F)1
    200 Meter Dash Bantam Boys (M)4
    200 Meter Dash Bantam Girls (F)11
    200 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys (M)4
    200 Meter Dash Intermediate Girls (F)0
    200 Meter Dash Midget Boys (M)4
    200 Meter Dash Midget Girls (F)6
    200 Meter Dash Young Men (M)2
    200 Meter Dash Young Women (F)0
    200 Meter Dash Youth Boys (M)4
    200 Meter Dash Youth Girls (F)4
    200 Meter Hurdles Youth Boys (M)0
    200 Meter Hurdles Youth Girls (F)0
    2000m Steeplechase Intermediate Boys (M)0
    2000m Steeplechase Intermediate Girls (F)1
    2000m Steeplechase Masters (M)0
    2000m Steeplechase Open (M)2
    2000m Steeplechase Young Men (M)2
    2000m Steeplechase Young Women (F)0
    3000 M Run Intermediate Boys (M)1
    3000 M Run Intermediate Girls (F)1
    3000 M Steeplechase Open Men (M)0
    3000 M Steeplechase Open Women (F)0
    3000 Meter Race Walk Youth Boys (M)0
    3000 Meter Race Walk Youth Girls (F)0
    3000 Meter Run Midget Boys (M)1
    3000 Meter Run Midget Girls (F)0
    3000 Meter Run Young Women (F)1
    3000 Meter Run Youth Boys (M)1
    3000 Meter Run Youth Girls (F)0
    400 M Dash Open Men (M)0
    400 M Dash Open Women (F)0
    400 Meter Dash Bantam Boys (M)2
    400 Meter Dash Bantam Girls (F)4
    400 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys (M)4
    400 Meter Dash Intermediate Girls (F)2
    400 Meter Dash Midget Boys (M)2
    400 Meter Dash Midget Girls (F)2
    400 Meter Dash Young Men (M)1
    400 Meter Dash Young Women (F)0
    400 Meter Dash Youth Boys (M)1
    400 Meter Dash Youth Girls (F)2
    400 Meter Hurdles Intermediate Boys (M)0
    400 Meter Hurdles Intermediate Girls (F)0
    400 Meter Hurdles Young Men (M)3
    400 Meter Hurdles Young Women (F)1
    5000 M Run Open Men (M)1
    5000 M Run Open Women (F)0
    5000 Meter Race Walk Intermediate Boys (M)1
    5000 Meter Race Walk Intermediate Girls (F)0
    5000 Meter Race Walk Young Men (M)0
    5000 Meter Race Walk Young Women (F)0
    5000 Meter Run Young Men (M)0
    80 M Hurdles Midget Boys (M)3
    80 M Hurdles Midget Girls (F)0
    800 M Run Open Men (M)2
    800 M Run Open Women (F)0
    800 Meter Run Bantam Boys (M)0
    800 Meter Run Bantam Girls (F)4
    800 Meter Run Intermediate Boys (M)1
    800 Meter Run Intermediate Girls (F)4
    800 Meter Run Midget Boys (M)1
    800 Meter Run Midget Girls (F)1
    800 Meter Run Young Men (M)0
    800 Meter Run Young Women (F)0
    800 Meter Run Youth Boys (M)2
    800 Meter Run Youth Girls (F)2
    Discus Intermediate Boys (M)0
    Discus Intermediate Girls (F)0
    Discus Midget Boys (M)0
    Discus Midget Girls (F)2
    Discus Open Men (M)0
    Discus Young Men (M)1
    Discus Young Women (F)0
    Discus Youth Boys (M)0
    Discus Youth Girls (F)1
    High Jump Bantam Boys (M)0
    High Jump Bantam Girls (F)0
    High Jump Intermediate Boys (M)0
    High Jump Intermediate Girls (F)1
    High Jump Midget Boys (M)0
    High Jump Midget Girls (F)0
    High Jump Open Men (M)0
    High Jump Open Women (F)1
    High Jump Young Men (M)0
    High Jump Young Women (F)0
    High Jump Youth Boys (M)0
    High Jump Youth Girls (F)0
    Javelin Bantam Boys (M)2
    Javelin Bantam Girls (F)2
    Javelin Intermediate Boys (M)0
    Javelin Intermediate Girls (F)1
    Javelin Midget Boys (M)4
    Javelin Midget Girls (F)1
    Javelin Open Men (M)0
    Javelin Open Women (F)0
    Javelin Young Men (M)1
    Javelin Young Women (F)0
    Javelin Youth Boys (M)0
    Javelin Youth Girls (F)1
    Long Jump Bantam Boys (M)2
    Long Jump Bantam Girls (F)1
    Long Jump Intermediate Boys (M)1
    Long Jump Intermediate Girls (F)0
    Long Jump Midget Boys (M)0
    Long Jump Midget Girls (F)1
    Long Jump Open Men (M)0
    Long Jump Open Women (F)1
    Long Jump Young Men (M)2
    Long Jump Young Women (F)1
    Long Jump Youth Boys (M)4
    Long Jump Youth Girls (F)2
    Pole Vault Intermediate Boys (M)0
    Pole Vault Intermediate Girls (F)0
    Pole Vault Open Men (M)2
    Pole Vault Open Women (F)0
    Pole Vault Young Men (M)1
    Pole Vault Young Women (F)0
    Shot Put Bantam Boys (M)0
    Shot Put Bantam Girls (F)0
    Shot Put Intermediate Boys (M)0
    Shot Put Intermediate Girls (F)1
    Shot Put Midget Boys (M)1
    Shot Put Midget Girls (F)2
    Shot Put Open Men (M)0
    Shot Put Open Women (F)0
    Shot Put Young Men (M)1
    Shot Put Young Women (F)0
    Shot Put Youth Boys (M)0
    Shot Put Youth Girls (F)1
    Triple Jump Intermediate Boys (M)0
    Triple Jump Intermediate Girls (F)0
    Triple Jump Open Men (M)0
    Triple Jump Open Women (F)0
    Triple Jump Young Men (M)0
    Triple Jump Young Women (F)0
    Triple Jump Youth Boys (M)0
    Triple Jump Youth Girls (F)1
    4x100 Meter Relay Bantam Boys (M)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Bantam Girls (F)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Intermediate Boys (M)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Intermediate Girls (F)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Midget Boys (M)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Midget Girls (F)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Young Men (M)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Young Women (F)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Youth Boys (M)0
    4x100 Meter Relay Youth Girls (F)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Bantam Boys (M)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Bantam Girls (F)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Intermediate Boys (M)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Intermediate Girls (F)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Midget Boys (M)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Midget Girls (F)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Young Men (M)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Young Women (F)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Youth Boys (M)0
    4x400 Meter Relay Youth Girls (F)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Intermediate Boys (M)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Intermediate Boys (M)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Intermediate Girls (F)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Intermediate Girls (F)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Midget Boys (M)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Midget Boys (M)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Midget Girls (F)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Midget Girls (F)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Young Men (M)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Young Men (M)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Young Women (F)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Young Women (F)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Youth Boys (M)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Youth Boys (M)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Youth Girls (F)0
    4x800 Meter Relay Youth Girls (F)0
    par: # of participations for event
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